Field Report – A Same Day Lay That Should’ve Happened

A steamy coffee cup.

The purpose of a field report is to share a lesson. Last time I’ve written about a weird experience, now it’s the time to bring up something much more positive.

It was one of those days where I walked around for half an hour seeing almost no nice girls so I decided to check out the mall. I don’t like that particular spot because all the fearless PUA-s are hiding there from cold weather. But it was either that or waiting inside a coffee shop for my upcoming date. And I wasn’t ready to back down.

All of a sudden I’ve noticed a short thin women. It’s funny how you can always spot a girl of your type even in a crowded mall. It was already a lousy day so I haven’t hesitated for a second. Off I went to quite a surprise.

I have three favorite types of girls: short, thin and cute; tall with long, slim legs; athletic and skinny (something in between those two). Legs are the most important feature besides the face, then ass. Know what you want.

She wasn’t a young girl but neither she was a MILF. I think she was around my age, not stunning like the girl from previous story but with really tight body and – surprisingly – great tits.

That’s weird coming from a “legs guy” but right at that moment I thought I could really motorboat a nice pair of boobs. I think the last big rack I’ve seen was more than twenty girls ago. That’s a downside on being so much into thin girls.

I had a really hard time focusing on her eyes but somehow I’ve managed to pull off one of the greatest gazes in the history of my pickup. That stare alone did half of the job and the rest were done by my looks.

She was a rare case of a “yes girl” that’s instantly into me. We’ve joked about nothing in particular for about ten minutes but the vibe was so sexual that I should probably invite her for an instant date there and then. But I didn’t want to cancel the rendezvous with a girl I’ve remembered as a 9.

I learned that she had a husband for five years. Not a big deal for me. I ignored that info and chatted with her about her boring work, working out, buying chocolate and drinking coffee.

When I decided to take her number she asked “do you still want to meet even though I have a husband?” to which I gave her a simple “yes” while staring deeply at her eyes.

“I shouldn’t be doing that” she said but we both knew she didn’t mean that. Especially because she added “that looks like the beginning of an affair”. She knew what I was about and I was exactly who she was looking for. Even though she didn’t know that ten minutes earlier.


Coffee Date

I decided to follow up fast. Initial text exchange went nowhere but two days later I arranged a meeting for the very same day after her work. As she drives I proposed a coffee near my place. Unfortunately she later “remembered” that she had only one hour.

That was a tough call. Normally I would cancel the date but more than once I’ve slept with a married girl after first “exploratory” date where she wanted to make sure that I’m the guy to cheat with. I decided to go with that plan but changed the venue to a coffee shop in the city center. That way I could save the place nearby for a second date.

A steamy coffee cup.

Coffee was the main theme of this lay. And no alcohol whatsoever.


She was still stunned by my approach and the more she learned about my life the more she was into me. It was a mixture of “I cannot believe I’m doing this” with “I cannot believe that guy is into me”. I kept on visualizing how she would look like naked as she was very much into sport. Despite her big breasts she lifted and poledanced and as it turned out later – she was around 15% body fat (most of that in her boobs).

The adventure was in in the air. We both had an enormous cup of coffee and we’ve joked about having another one to extend this afternoon. Without thinking I’ve proposed that we can have next cup at my place. That was the leap of faith moment and I’ve succeeded. Kind of.

She said that she needs to get her gym bag from home, otherwise her husband wouldn’t believe her that she went for her training. We agreed to have the next coffee at my place on some other day.


“Coffee” Date

She drove to my place few days later. I’ve made the coffee, we talked for a brief moment, we kissed, then some more talking and we moved to bedroom. Without any LMR whatsoever we’ve fucked each other brains out. No drums/music/movie routines, no drinking, no games.

You don’t need no alcohol to approach a girl during the day. And sometimes you don’t need any to have sex with her. But usually it makes things easier.

She knew why she came (“Phrasing!“) and she was fully enjoying this. After our lovemaking was done she uttered “I should probably get going” and started to dress up. It’s a very simple deal – sex with no strings attached. And of course a lot of coffee.



In hindsight it could’ve been one of those famous Same Day Lays if I’ve had proper logistic during the initial approach. It also could’ve been First Date Lay if she had her evening sorted out on our first coffee.

Nevertheless from the very approach right till she was on my bed I knew that it’s going to be an easy lay. Not because the girl was easy but because she was so much into me.

When you can recognize genuine attraction and bring up that devil-may-care attitude then sleeping with a women can be fast, easy and fun. And that’s what daygame should be about.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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James - 2017-02-26

Good stuff tdday. But damn man you have to go in depth more about your day game. Like what did you say to her? You said she was super into you but you skipped that part.

    tddaygame - 2017-02-26

    Noted. I get quite a lot of similar comments and e-mails so in the following weeks I’ll try to shift more to the street pickup part of daygame process.


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