Most Popular Daygame Posts Of 2016

Girl's calendar.

2016 is over and it was really good for both this blog and my daygame coaching. Not only I was able to publish 65 posts – more than one per week – but also I’ve managed to coach tens of guys who were off to some successes. It was also the year of the Twitter when I’ve finally found a place there. Check out @tddaygame for daily tips and thoughts.

Daygame stats will be posted soon. I don’t want to write just a bland report as there is much to be learned from my transition in the last year. But first I need to internalize those lessons myself and think through few ideas. The rest of this year will be spent testing them infield. As for the infields… yeah, a lot is going to happen in 2017. I’m excited for what’s about to come.

For now let’s see what exactly happened in the 2016 in terms of most popular daygame posts. If you haven’t read them yet then you might like to do so now:

1. Attraction Basics: eyes and smile

That’s a shocker. Not because it made it on the list but because of the huge amount of reads it have got. It’s either a glitch in counting mechanism or someone was very keen to memorize this one. Attraction Basics as a series was quite popular but eyes and smile are the winners. Go figure.

2. I’ve made 2000 daygame approaches
3. I’ve made 1000 daygame approaches

You like raw stats, real numbers and a sprinkle of history. I still consider myself an upper-intermediate daygamer with very solid foundations as I have to yet discovered my own path. I wonder how my stats would look like if picking up girls during the day was my main hobby. However, for now I’m still occupied with my 9 to 5 job, writing, recording, traveling and starting yet another side business.

4. The road to r-selection

Topic of r-selection surfaces every now and then in the so-called manosphere. Sometimes it’s as popular as alpha vs. beta and sometimes no one is talking about it. Number four on the list is a piece about my then-new realization that I will be more congruent by displaying more of my r traits – bad boy behavior, going for casual sex. This is what I’m looking for and there’s no point in pretending that I’m not. Interesting read after a year.

5. Assumption stories – the weapon of choice

And on the fifth place – a very practical piece on how to construct and use both short and long assumption stories that will help you in making the girl more interested and attracted. Check it out.

Girl's calendar.

That’s not my calendar! I swear!

If you’re interested in what were the most popular pickup and relationship topics on my Polish blog then here’s a summary:

1. Relationship rules – universal vs general (PL: Zasady związku – ogólne kontra uniwersalne)
2. I’ve made 2000 daygame approaches (PL: Zagadałem za dnia ponad 2000 dziewczyn)
3. Attraction Basics: clothes and style (PL: Podstawy Atrakcyjności: styl i ubrania)
4. The road to r-selection (PL: Droga do r-selekcji)
5. Attraction Basics: grooming and other obvious stuff (PL: Podstawy Atrakcyjności: higiena i inne oczywistości)

The relationship topics are far more hot on my Polish blog always resulting in more views and e-mails than their English counterparts. It’s not surprising because many Polish guys write to me about “that one girl”. You guys aren’t concerned with that at all.

Thank you all for support, your comments and e-mails and I’ll hope this year we’ll discover more game truths. And by discover I mean “verify infield”. Happy 2017.


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Unknown - 2017-01-04

A goldmine of infomation to be applied. Thank You

tddaygame - 2017-01-04

Thank you for your support. Enjoy!

Unknown - 2017-01-04

Very useful and structured posts Tom. Thank you for sharing them with us. Looking forward to meet you in person.


tddaygame - 2017-01-04

Thanks, Cosmin! Good to hear from you.


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