Daygame Overhaul

A watch. Just a watch. No girls.

Life is all about change. Or at the very least – this post is.

Not so long ago I’ve started to write about changes in my daygame. I’ve noticed that I was more direct, much more to the point and what I can only describe as more dominant. I’m sure that I’m going to slip back quite a few times but the change is noticeable and, I hope, permanent.

As soon as I’m able to grasp what are the exact things I’m doing differently I’ll write about that in a long and detailed post. In the meantime there are other changes that need to be addressed.

Brand New

As you might have noticed the site has been redesigned. Prompted by the (in)famous Kyle Trouble who mercilessly bashed my old blog I’ve decided to reinvent it. In that process I’ve also created a plan for what can only be a great and exciting year 2017. It’s going to be awesome and I hope you’ll be a part of it.

I’m writing a lot more and some of the things I currently do are by popular demand. You e-mail me, you send me messages on Twitter and some of you even find me on various pickup forums (mostly Polish ones). I’m open to criticism and advice which means that the content should only get better. Or so I hope.

A watch. Just a watch. No girls.

Time for chan… Okay, I admit it – I haven’t got much time to search for a proper picture.


I’ve also completely redesigned my daygame coaching. A lot of you were asking questions about coaching opportunities in various cities. I’m living in Warsaw but starting in April I’m getting much more mobile. Central Europe is easily within my range and I can also travel to much more distant places. I only need a good offer, a cheap plane tickets and I’m ready to go. Anywhere.

For the time being my nearest travel plans that include open coaching slots are:

  • Kiev, Ukraine – the end of March (1 slot)
  • Berlin, Germany – the beginning of May (2 slots)

At the same time my availability in Warsaw has increased. My life is changing, my work is changing and I’m more than glad to help guys with picking up girls during the day. It’s been a great and fun adventure for me as it should be for anyone else. Of course, save for the endless grind but we can get over that. Give me a shout whenever you’re in Warsaw or schedule a session in advance.

If you’re interested in daygame coaching just leave me your e-mail using the form below and I’ll write back to you.

Mailing list

I’m creating more and more content and I don’t want to publish everything on this blog. It would become a big mess. Especially that some of the things I’d like to share aren’t of the quality I’m proud and used to. I’m mainly talking about infields where the audio (and occasional video) is far from what I’d like to be associated with. Still, those infield along with – amongst others – notes from my dates, thoughts on daygame related topics and drafts of the materials I’m writing are perfectly good to be shared. Just not published.

Hence the mailing list idea. On the top of the side bar you can find a place to leave your e-mail and subscribe to my mailing list. For now I cannot promise any schedule so you’re certainly won’t be spammed. If you’re seriously interested in daygame you should get on that list.

Polish shenanigans

For now Polish blog stays where it was. Polish guys are writing to me with totally different problems and requests than you. For now I’m focused on my Polish YouTube channel. English one is coming soon although I’m not so sure it will be 100% daygame. Stay tuned.


That’s enough about the boring stuff and my plans. There’s no point in making more announcements. You’ll see what’s next. And by the way – next post will be 100% pure daygame. It might even be a field report but I make no promises…


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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