2016 Daygame Stats And My Journey So Far

Young girl in a towel on a bed.

A lot have changed since I’ve started daygaming. I went from “wanting to be able to find myself a girl when I decide to” through “wanting to have three girls on rotation that I see and sleep with” to “optimizing the process so I won’t spend so much time picking up girls during the day”. And of course there’s always the ongoing issue of joining the 100+ club. I’m sure that the latter will happen given that I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon.

Going from “having only 2 sexual partners by the age of 27” to “banging 27 girls in the last two years” changes you in ways you wouldn’t suspect.

A lot have changed in 2017 too. What went great? Average age of the girls I’ve slept with during last year was 26. It seems 23-26 is my sweet spot for now. Hottness is of course subjective but I’m more than glad with what I could get my hands on (metaphorically speaking). And it was a nice improvement over 2015.

I’d say three of them were stunners but of course when it comes to rating girls the results are all over the place when you ask different guys. That being said only one was typical attention-seeking posh chick. I still seem to attract the good girls who want bad boy experience. There were only two girls who I’m sure had higher notch counts than me. Oh, and there was one was a virgin.

Young girl in a towel on a bed.

No particular reason. And no, it’s not any of the girls.

I’ve finally started to collect some flags: Ukrainian (a must-have), Finnish (long story) and a rare flag of Turkmenistan. Looking back most of my travels weren’t focused on picking up girls and that’s one of the reasons why most of my lays were Polish. I’d very much like to change that in 2017 but it’s not going to be a priority. Even though half of the guys who have never picked up a girl during the day think that somehow it’s easier when you’re abroad. It ain’t.

I could say that I’ve been travelling and coaching more than usual. I could say that I was in the process of building my side-businesses. I could say that bad luck was a big factor this year. But these are all just excuses and deep down I know that they are just that. There were times that I could be doing more and certainly they were some when I could be better. All in all during 2016 I’ve slept with a total of 16 girls and that includes “only” 12 new lays. Of those eleven were from daygame and one from nightgame. No new social circle conquers. Go figure.

When you look back at your year in daygame you’ll find a lot of crazy stories and even more things to complain about. Don’t. You’ll getting more action in one year than most men in their lifetime.

That’s exactly the same number as last year (daygame-wise) and it might suggest that I haven’t made any progress. That I’ve reached my potential and that I should go on with my life and be happy with it. But I know it’s bullshit. Mainly because it’s the first year since I’ve started my daygame journey that I’ve spent less time picking up girls than the preceding year. And I’ve also done less approaches. Which means I’m optimizing.

The approaches, ratios and numbers

In 2016 I’ve approached 731 girls. That gives 66 approaches per lay – roughly a week of intensive daygame for each conquer. Not too shabby but not even close to 40 which I consider the boundary between the really good guys and the rest of us. But as I’ve said many times you should never compare yourself to others. If you want to but compare – look at you from a year ago. So have I managed to progress at all?

Chart with numbers and lays ratios

Each year since 2013 (when I’ve started picking up girls during the day) I was able to improve my approach to number ratio as well as approach to lay. Going from 7,5 approaches per number down to 3,3 and from 121 approaches per lay to 66.

I’ve already mastered the useless skill of getting numbers I shouldn’t get so I don’t expect that I can become more efficient on the streets – save for the filtering part. However I’m sure that I can sleep with more girls while maintaining roughly the same number of approaches.

Daygame is a skillset. Otherwise it would be impossible to improve. Ask anyone who has been tracking his results – they do improve.

There are number of ways to optimize and one of the most common is to fix the biggest sticking point. For me that would be converting numbers to dates. I can farm a lot of numbers really fast but unless I hit that perfect casual vibe most of the numbers are either dead or flake. In 2015 I was dating roughly every fourth number collected (the girl behind the number to be precise, I’ve never went on a date with couple of digits). Now it’s one in six. Something is off.

Chart with numer of girls dated and laid.

The biggest surprise was the sheer number of dates. I’ve dated only 39 girls out of which I’ve slept with almost 30% of them. That’s a huge improvement over 12% I’ve had back in 2014 (and 0% in 2013). It probably can be explained by my r-transition. I’m more direct, more to the point and I give more of a player/lover vibe. That scares off some of the girls that look for monogamous relationships. But they would waste my time anyway. And those who tend to stick around know what they’re getting themselves into.

Still – dates are to be improved. I’m should be aiming for 50% date-to-lay ratio especially with more aggressive approach on the streets. Remember what they say – “if she comes to a date, she’s interested”. If I could filter the girls even more and attract those interested in what I have to offer (which is basically casual sex) I could sleep with more girls while still doing the same number of approaches. And that’s the plan for 2017 – getting more solid numbers and much more solid dates.


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Anonymous - 2017-01-18

Thank you so much for this info. I’m still new to DG and I get so frustrated that I can #-close but they rarely go anywhere. It really is a numbers game. As a follower of your blog, can you go over girl maintenance? How you deal with attitude or spotting when a plate is going to crash soon.

tddaygame - 2017-01-18

It’s not “just” a numbers game as this post clearly shows it’s a “probability game” where you can work on the ratios in many different ways (skills, types of girls, environment, boyfriend/lover game, etc.).

Thanks for the blog post idea! I will write about it in January.


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