The Wind Of Change

30 years old tddaygame in all his glory

Little more than two weeks spent on the Caribbean Sea discovering, sailing and being in awe was unlike anything I’ve expected in many ways. Nevertheless, the views were outstanding, the power of nature clearly visible… and the social interactions raw and in plain sight. Nothing can hide where you live in a confined space. There is no escape.

Don’t expect a lot of hot girls in places where the conditions are though. Like on a sailing boat.

With very heavy heart I have to admit that traveling that way have finally broken my will. The temptations were too appealing and I haven’t written even a single word. What’s equally bad I only did half of the exercises and reading I’ve planned. This also proves that avoiding distractions is much easier than fighting them.  You can’t blame anyone for choosing swimming in the ocean and drinking cold beer over a writing session in full sun. But I don’t regret any single hour spent doing what I was doing.

I’m writing these words onboard third plane in a row that’s taking me even further away from the biggest adventure of my life so far. I like to think that I’m flying towards even more exciting things. I’ve just turned 30. I have huge plans for the 2017 both when it comes to my professional and personal life. There will be a lot of changes and for the first time in my life I’m genuinely excited that so much will be different. People that knew me in my early twenties wouldn’t believe any of this as I loved stabilization.

Like I’ve said before – there usually isn’t a single event that changes your life dramatically. It’s a series of small things that stack and only by looking back you realize what had happened. You only need to continue to put small stones on top of each other to eventually and inevitably cause an avalanche. Each new thing you do takes its toll and changes you. Usually in a good way.

If looking back you don’t regret that you haven’t started doing all those things years ago then you’re doing something wrong with your life.

Travelling is underestimated in that regard. The amount of new information your brain has to process, the interactions with different people, new places, experiences, sights – every single thing changes you whether you let it or not. I know no one,  who having been to different countries, would want to stay comfortably at home. And you don’t even need all those exotic girls.

I’d very much like to bring that kind of experience to you so you can expect a big announcement no later than summer of 2017. I think I’ve found great way to boost beginners’ social intelligence and exploit travelers status for those more advanced. Let’s say it’ll involve a lot of water, both group and private coaching sessions, exotic locations and – of course – girls. Stay tuned.

30 years old tddaygame in all his glory

30 yo me, looking into the bright future. It’s easy on the Caribbean as future there is always bright!

Influenced by things that happened on the boat, during the trip and also by what I’ve recently read I’ve decided that there is much to be gained from leaping into the unknown. Instead of merely fine-tuning the London Daygame Model I plan to overhaul it and make a more aggressive variant. More daring, with a steeper learning curve but one that would transform you, not just help you with your insecurities.
That means a lot of experiments in the nearest future. By writing these words I commit myself to escaping the comfort bubble I’ve created with my intermediate/almost-advanced daygame skills. I’m much different than all the people I model myself after and it was long time ago that I should’ve taken off the training wheels.

That doesn’t mean the LDM isn’t perfect for the new and unaware guys that come to the world of “professional” pickup. I won’t change a thing about how I teach unless your feedback will tell me to do so. I also won’t stop writing to beginners and intermediates as myself. I’m not a “master PUA” but I’ll very much like to earn that status in the future. I need to cut my own path to do that.

If all that sound dangerously masturbatory then you’re probably right. My mind is on its sixth gear creating plans, discovering opportunities and keeping me excited. It might be just a jetlag but I clearly remember feeling the same way when I started daygaming. It was a thing that I knew would change me immensely over time and it did. I want to capture that feeling with this post to be able to review it when inevitable failures will come. Because they will as they did when I’ve picked up daygaming.

If there is a thing that makes you feel like you’re standing on the edge – both excited and afraid of the jump I can only recommend leaping forward. If that thing can’t kill you (and most things in life can’t) then you’d be foolish not to follow your instinct. No great things come from doing familiar tasks in familiar environment. Embrace change, recreate yourself whenever you’re stuck. For some it will be a new career, for others something exactly the opposite like quitting a corporate job. Many people are charmed by travelling and various sports or even weight training. Almost all the guys I know that have been daygaming were changed by that.

You cannot predict what will change and that’s exactly what’s scary. You know that doing things outside your comfort zone will result in failures and maybe even embarrassments. But if you can imagine yourself at the end of the road doing things that are unthinkable right now, if you have a vision – then I can only encourage you to follow that road.

Start with talking to “that girl at work” or “that girl at the gym”. Go and visit a foreign country on your own. Start to talk to random girls and strangers, start to daygame and let the repetitive process mold you into completely different persona. In most cases you’ll emerge not as someone else but as a better version of yourself.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Anonymous - 2016-12-14

"This also proves that avoiding distractions is much easier than fighting them. You can’t blame anyone for choosing swimming in the ocean and drinking cold beer over a writing session in full sun. But I don't regret any single hour spent doing what I was doing".

Abstinence is easier than moderation.

Great article as always Tomas.


tddaygame - 2016-12-14

Thanks! There are many people that get addicted easy. I'm not one of them but still it's hard to avoid such temptations. I'm back in Poland now and already back in my training/writing routine. Now – onto the daygame!


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