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Guy holding a girl really close. About to kiss.

Doing new thing changes you in surprising ways. My last travel totally cut me off politics and recent events and after I came back I purged all my feeds from negative and irritating news. I don’t need that.

I’ve also seen many patterns of behavior up close and I’m able to recognize them much better. As a results some of my coworkers became unbearable. I’ve had to ditch one girl I was seeing when I realized what will inevitably happen. Such a cleanse helped me to keep my elevated mental health. Change is good, as I’ve learned through direct daygame. In my case it is also much needed. Even though I avoided change most of my life.

Up until now I either was relatively happy with everything in my life or had only minor issues that I fixed (save for the whole getting laid thing). But I was always a proponent of changing the environment that sucks and now it is the first time I can follow that advice. I’m excited but until that can happen I’m pretty sure that I can maintain my sanity, work on my side businesses and daygame.

When you’re job/flatmates/city/weather/whatever is making your life miserable and have a negative impact on your hobbies (and daygame!) – change something. E.g. move to a different city or at least change apartment.

Pondering on all that and reading Mastery by Robert Greene resulted in a light bulb appearing over my bald head. The book itself isn’t as great nor as universal as 48 Laws of Power but there are two chapters that for me are priceless.

I’m binary – either I put 110% of effort into something or I’m not bothered at all. The best chapters in Mastery are about social intelligence and the creative-active phase where you stop following the rules and start making your own. I believe I’m well overdue for that but thankfully the book gave me some actionable ideas.

Guy holding a girl really close. About to kiss. Definitely not a direct daygame encounter.

Ok, maybe not THAT direct.

Going back to direct daygame after three weeks off was both scary and exciting. I decided to just go and see what will happen. I was after a night spent with one of the women I’m seeing so I wasn’t needy in any regard. Still a bit jetlagged but very eager to try something new. Detached but just a wee bit exhilarated.

Everything was new once again and I was about to rediscover this hobby once again. And of course to get better in some way. I’ve never had a break that big. As it turns out – my bad.


Direct Daygame Retrospective

Trying to reflect on something you’re doing over and over again always result in lying to yourself at least a little bit. You think you’re getting more and more experienced but in reality you’re not trying anything new. You’re doing great for few days and you don’t want to break the good run. You don’t want to experiment as it would mean guaranteed failures.

Trying new angle means starting from scratch. To hell with all that – you think to yourself – I’ve done enough work so now I’m just putting my best self out there and the results should come. And they do. But you’re not growing in any way.

It’s a cliché but if you’re not moving forward then you’re really moving back. You start to repeat yourself and rely on routines and lines that are far from perfect for your ever changing situation.

Three weeks was enough for me to get a fresh start and fresh perspective. And oh boy was I surprised. Going back after all that time exposed all my weaknesses that I kind of suspected but always pushed back in my mind as irrelevant. I was doing okay, why would I analyze myself deeply? I’ve done thousands of approaches and went on hundreds of dates laying tens of girls. Fine-tuning was everything that I needed, right?

Wrong. I’ve started fresh with my mind clearly remembering all the lessons and sessions I’ve had. But my autopilot was off. I immediately realized that I’m doing different things than in the last months. My eye contact – once so intense that even people at work were occasionally mesmerized – was back to “laser eyes” level. It was weak lately but I didn’t notice that. I started to kino on the streets. First time that happened I surprised myself!

My directness suddenly became much higher level – instead of beating around the bush after the direct daygame opener I’m much more sexual in my conversations. I make sure she understands that I’m hitting on her and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not only doing my thing but reacting in a much more calibrated manner. If I see her hesitate – I plow as hard as a new guy learning how to stack. Recently I was too lazy and just let those girls go. Not anymore.

All that whilst not caring at all about the results. Not only I’ve felt like not giving a fuck but I’m pretty sure that you could both hear and sense that in my overall vibe. Daygame became fun once again and I haven’t realized that I’ve lost that somewhere in November.

Now, even when the conversation went nowhere both parties were enjoying it. And we both knew what everything was about and interactions were sparkling with electricity. I’m sure quite a few girls fucked the brains out of their boyfriends on the very evening they’ve met me.

Realizing what your game lacks doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll start to get laid left and right. But it gives you an opportunity to advance and become better.


Future Of My Direct Daygame

There is something in all that but I can’t pinpoint yet. I’m paying much closer attention to details that change the tone and vibe of direct daygame interactions. It’s almost as I put up an act for those moments picturing an audience expecting the girl to be swept off her feet. And I try to meet their expectations. The genre of that act is definitely a romantic comedy as it is closest to who I am but with my rediscovered laser eyes and directness it also retains seriousness. I’ve yet to grasp all the subtle differences of that approach.

It’s funny how just taking time off resulted in new ideas. Even more that I’ve realized this the same evening I’ve read about it in Mastery. I don’t know yet how to implement these kind of breaks into my lifestyle. When I’m in Warsaw or in an European city with hot girls I can’t help myself but to daygame. Few days is maximum that I can rest and then the obsession kicks in.

But now I clearly see benefits of taking long breaks and essentially rebooting. For now I’ll continue to advise sustainable and direct daygame and doing more. That’s what got me to this point and that is what works for people I coach. But maybe you need something different to go further. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out soon…


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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