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Student is number closing the girl.

I’m currently on vacation and during that time I torture you from a hot and sunny place with London Daygame Model texts. They’re scheduled so while I won’t be able to reply to the e-mails regularly (and to the comments at all) I might be able to stay active on Twitter. That’s for the status report.

Whatever model you’re following you’ve probably learned that you cannot have a basic and mundane “let’s get to know each other” chat with someone that’s not interested in you. That’s why we spike the attraction with a strong Open and then increase it even higher with Stacking and Vibing. We not only established a male-female interaction but also pushed through the message that we’re checking each other out as potential mates. During Vibing we’ve learned that we’re compatible enough. We like each other.

The fourth phase is called Investment and that name is more than appropriate. You won’t invest in something unknown or if you have bad feelings towards it. And investment in human relationships is rapport. You don’t care about personal details of other people unless they’re important to you in some way. In LDM we push the idea of being a potential mate or lover. And if she’s interested she’ll invest. Yes, she. You didn’t think that after all the work you’ve done you should be the one investing?

Up to this point you were the primary driver of the conversation. It was your job to open and stack because you’ve had to give her reason to talk to you. During Vibing the dynamics started to change, she started to talk more, play along your jokes and banters. I’d say it would be great if you could make it 50/50 at that time but it rarely happens in the real world. And then comes the Investment…

Girls are terrible at picking up guys because they don’t need it. You’ll hear the same questions over and over again.

You can recognize the transition to Investment easily if you’re not stressed out and you’re paying attention. Look at her and think – does she look like someone that’s been stopped on the street by a stranger or maybe she is just talking to someone? If you can’t see the difference then think about your best sets. The girl wasn’t going anywhere. She was standing comfortably, facing you, inside your personal space, smiling and looking at you with her sparkling eyes.

But sometimes it’s even more clear – she just starts to ask you questions. And since the girls don’t have PUA community, pick up books, flirt guides and so on most of the occasions the question will be “Well… what are you doing here?” or “Sooo… what do you do?”. Be prepared and have a witty, yet somewhat true answer. You don’t want to suddenly appear bland and boring. Oh, sometimes she’ll directly ask “How old are you?” which also can be a good sign.

Student is number closing the girl.

She’s investing. Student is having fun. Warsaw, 2016.

That takes us to the rapport where you’ll learn some things about each other. Keep the conversation focused about her. Let her express her thoughts, dreams and fantasies. But don’t fall for the trap I once did where I could talk with a girl for 10-15 minutes and she didn’t know anything about me, save for my name. You should subtly DHV and let her know one boring thing (where do you work, where are you from) and two exciting ones (hobbies, passions). And that’s it – whatever else you’re talking about always go back to her.
All the time you hear me saying you shouldn’t be asking a lot of questions. That doesn’t change in the Investment phase. I think you shouldn’t be asking any questions at all while Stacking but it’s natural to ask questions while you’re working on rapport. But don’t be a boring guy, always include some assumptions or guesses. “So you’re a creative type… What do you do – write poems or sign?” is a better one than general “What are your hobbies?”. Keep it fun.

You shouldn’t be talking for too long. Around 10 minutes mark you should decide whether you’re going for the number or you’re taking her for an instant date. The latter is useful if you’re trying to go through the dating model pretty fast, essentially trying to sleep her in a matter of hours or to set up a date for later that night. It comes handy when you’re travelling but it doesn’t make the difference when you’re living in the same city. Numbers don’t get any more solid after 30-60 minutes spent over coffee.

Always end on a high note, don’t wait for the tension to fade. That applies to the pick up itself but also dates, texting and other interactions.

When you get her number just remind that you have other things to do (false time constraint) and make a future projection. You can say that you would like to get her out for a coffee. Or that you would rather continue this chat some other time. And if there is any specific activity you were discussing – use that. Then just take out your phone and if she pretends that she doesn’t get the message say something in line of “I’ll take your number so we can schedule that”. Or you can give her your phone with an “add contact” tab open.

If she’s not eager to tell you her number, bummer. You can ask for Facebook or try to convince her (once) by joking about you not having time to stalk more people. If that doesn’t work – don’t be needy. Wish her good luck and exit the set. However, if she gives you the number be sure to stay there for a while – discuss the activity you’ll be meeting for or her availability/work schedule. Show her that you’re not joking around, you really will contact her, want to meet her and you’re not a number collecting jerk (yeah, right).

And that’s it. You’ve got the number, you move on… to the next girl. Rinse and repeat. After you’ve done for the day send the same text to all of them. Just fill in right names (or nicknames) and include some callback humor. Using the same text will let you measure its effectiveness. But now we’re getting into texting… and that’s whole other story.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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