Wide vs. High SMV On The Sexual Market

A rock concert. I hope it's rock.

I believe that action trumps theory and mind wanking. Sexual market value (SMV) and sexual marketplace are topics that have already been touched upon countless times. Still, recent discussions with few of my Polish readers suggested that there is a need to state my opinion on those aspects of pickup.

First and foremost – it’s a mental exercise. A framework on which we build our advice and suggestions. Don’t treat everything you read literally or you’ll run into far greater problems than getting hot girls. It’s just a useful tool. Are we good? Good.

Sexual marketplace is a market like any other. The goods (sex, relationships) are traded between people having different sexual market values (SMVs). On average they tend to associate with partners having comparable SMV. Of course everyone wants to be with someone better than they are but it cannot possibly happen for more than half of individuals. There will always be some aberrations too but as usual we’re interested in general rules.

Ranking women’s SMV is easy: factor in looks and youthfulness and you’re done. Oh, and also – sanity.

There are countless approaches to men’s SMV and various aspects are grouped together or considered separately. There isn’t a one common standard. I always looked at male SMV in terms of status (money, power, fame, etc.), looks (body, face, grooming, style) and persona (charisma, social skills, charm, humor, masculinity). When you define them like that you can see that you can improve in each and every area but also you can focus on the one that gives you the best edge.

If you want to focus on one category to get you laid – beware. You have to be on the absolute (or at least – regional) top. That means a rockstar, heir to a fortune, a male model, a competitive bodybuilder, a professional seducer…

If you’re not the crème de la crème of your particular niche then you need to build your SMV using all the categories. The positive message is that you don’t have to top any single attribute. Being okay looking, properly dressed, not being jobless and having some knowledge of game and social interactions put you high enough to attract quality girls.

The broader your SMV is (not just higher) the easier it is to attract wide variety of girls.

Every man has something that gives him an edge. It’s easy for him to grow in that direction and also it’s his most noticeable treat. Find what’s yours and focus on that. If you’re already well built then work a bit more, become jacked and make it your selling point. If you’re charismatic, well-traveled and you can charm a lady by telling stories – use that.

By working on other areas of your SMV you’ll not only be more successful with the types of girls you’re already getting. You will also cast a wider net. Especially if you focus on what’s commonly considered attractive.

For example – most of the girls like themselves a man bigger than them. Someone with broad shoulders, strong jawline and looking strong. There is no downside in improving in that area. The same goes for being masculine, confident, leading, charming and so on.

If you’re approaching girls regularly then individuals doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s attractive in general for the women you’re usually after. So even if you’ve once met a girl that said she didn’t like jacked dudes then it means nothing if she was just one out of hundreds. Plus – she was lying.

It’s also worth noting that going from “bad” or “unattractive” into “neutral” is so simple and easy for most of the qualities that not fixing your Achilles heel is plain and outward stupid. Get a haircut, buy fitted clothes, go to the gym, sort out your job, interact with people and approach girls. Just do all the basic stuff and you’ll at least fix everything that’s getting in your way of, well, getting girls. Going from “neutral” to “attractive” takes more time and effort but still can be done.

A rock concert. I hope it's rock.

Being even a local rock start is experiencing a (local) boost of a single SMV trait. You aren’t one? Get to work!

There are some things that you cannot improve but there are not a lot of them. I can think of height, race, age and some specific disabilities. They’re all part of the “looks” category and I would never say they are not important. If you’re the grandson of Quasimodo then it certainly won’t help you. But unless you are outlandish there is no point in focusing on what you cannot change. Improve your SMV in all other areas and you’ll be at least fine.
Now the SMV is a hell of a topic but it boils down to three very important points. First: you can work on most aspects of your SMV and neglecting to do so is moronic. Second: as Blackdragon kindly put it “your SMV is determined by the opposite sex, not your sex”. The average SMV of the girls you’re getting is an accurate indicator of your own SMV. People rarely associate with someone below their own SMV. Third: you can hide or display your SMV thus decreasing or increasing how people rate you. It’s called the game. But it does not change how good you really are. Sooner or later she’ll find out.

Great game can get you a girl “out of your league” but it’s the high SMV that will keep her around. For a while, that is.

Let’s stop at that last point. It means that if by all measures you’re a seven but you buy a custom suit, rent a luxury car, get a complete makeover and for one evening behave like the next incarnation of James Bond – women will think that you’re a nine. Or a ten. And that can get you laid. But it won’t necessarily make the girl stay in your life.

If you’re trying to get as many one night stands as possible (and I’m not judging anyone) then either the money/fame or the game are the answers. One gets you all wrong sorts of girls and golddiggers the other teaches you how to temporarily inflate your SMV. If you want girls to hang around – maximizing your SMV is indispensable.

What I’m trying to say and I finally found the right words – self-development, sorting your life out and fixing your looks provides a base level for your SMV. Then you can sell it as even higher using game, pick up, social skills or whatever you want to call it. But those two work in tandem with each other and you cannot look at one while disregarding the other.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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