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Sporty couple.

If you’re skinny, have long legs, excellent endurance and you enjoy long hours spent inside your head feeling the rush of endorphins then you would probably be great at running long distance.
Or maybe high jump, I’m no expert on athletes. But there are some things that would naturally come easy to you and some that would be pain in the ass if you’ve really wanted to succeed in them. But with enough dedication, training and proper diet you could become quite successful in any sport. I believe that there are no things that are impossible. Some of them are just too hard for what you can expect in return.

The crux of the matter is that while everything is possible not everything is reasonable. As this blog documents you can transform yourself from shy and nervous around women to a moderately successful womanizer. This, however, takes a lot of time and hard work. And I omit most of the struggle anyway. But since that was something I wanted and I was ready to suffer for I had no problems with dedication. I’ve readily put myself through all this and even more. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable and exciting journey but changing yourself is never easy. Especially when it comes to fundamentals.

You can either play to your strengths or work hard to change who you are. It’s possible to transform yourself with enough time and sweat.

I’ve been in a lot of discussions recently, mainly due to starting my Polish YouTube channel, about the grind and general pointlessness of daygame. Critics say that most people don’t know anything about PUAs or related communities, are oblivious  to the “rules” and they’re in relationships anyway. That there are guys pulling birds from clubs/bars every weekend and they don’t even know who Mystery is. That they see their friends changing girlfriends every now and then inside one big social circle. That there are millions people who never did a cold daygame approach and they’ve still got laid.

Aside from “clueless guys in relationships” who most of the time are unhappy and/or with below average girls all the other ways sounds reasonable. Problem is that they either don’t work for me or doing them would result in an even bigger struggle than my daygame shenanigans.

It isn’t a secret that introverted, overanalyzing, thinking-too-much types are drawn to daygame because of its structure, reliability and friendly learning curve. Half of the guys I’ve met that way are engineers or IT guys. Of all the hard paths they tend to choose what they think is easiest for them. And that’s smart.

If you’re handsome and extravert, a proper one-man-party then by all means go to the clubs, events and entertain hundreds of your friends maintaining thousands of Facebook contacts. You were born for it. If you’re working in a fashion industry and spend your whole time around models and wannabes it should be easy to exploit that. You’re already immune to the bitch shields and girls consider you one of their own. If you’re a wandering photographer that’s friendly and have his own way of undressing the girls in front of the camera – do that! There’s something for everyone.

However, if you’re starting from scratch with low social skills, decades old inhibitions and little experience with attractive women I guess that both nightgame and social circle routes aren’t charming. If you’d like partying you wouldn’t have low social skills or problems with shyness. Of course you can party every weekend and still be terrible at picking up girls but your initial problems are quite different. And there are people who can help you with that. If you have vast social circle but not a lot of girls in your life then you don’t need to chase random girls on the streets of your city. You need someone to show you that you just need to go for what you want (and you have available).

Sporty couple.

“Now dear, have you ever heard of this game called anal?”

Daygame isn’t easy
. It ain’t easier than any other flavors of game. It’s just that it suits some people far more than all the other ways. I’d say analytical mind helps in case of daygame though it’s also the main reason why people struggle with anxieties and weasels. Introverted and shy but dedicated, strong-willed and self-aware – those men are drawn to daygame and they have a higher chance of succeeding than if they’d try to peacock at a local club. But that also mean all these men are quite similar.
Differentiate or die. Even if you think that daygame will be effective because there is no great competition you still have to stand out from all the other guys she sees. And that includes her coworkers, friends, people that tried to pick her up at a bar, club or last book club meeting. Consider your qualities when you pick your way but also do something to become better than everyone else.

That usually ends up in becoming really good at something and finding yourself a niche where you can exploit that quality. As there are many types of game there are also countless flavors of daygame. You have streaks of monogamous relationships all the way to many one night stands and first date lays in dark alleys.

Choose wisely because when you pick something that doesn’t fit your personality you’ll have much more work to do in the process of molding yourself. Like I’ve already said you can become anyone you want but sometimes it’s too expensive. You might be better with choosing something that suits you more.

I tend to do poorly with the posh club chicks surrounded by circle of orbiters. It’s not like I can’t get them out on dates but the way I do my daygame and express my personality isn’t exactly what they’re looking for. If I really wanted to have a lot of them in my life I could change myself and transform me and my game into someone who would get more successes with those. At the same time I’d probably lose those girls that I’m successful with right now. And I like who I get right now.

But hey, everything is possible in the realm of daygame. Even that I’m not focusing on that path one of my latest regular is a chick with her own fashion blog and busy Instagram account. But it’s not like I’m getting a lot of those. Why? Because I just focus on my strengths and the girls I have higher chance of getting along with.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Anonymous - 2016-11-19

I enjoy your blog posts and tweets. Great value, thanks for sharing. As a young bald man, I take courage from your journey.

Greeting from Turkey

tddaygame - 2016-11-19

Thanks! Enjoy, there's more to come.


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