“No Girl In The World Would Agree To Share A Guy”, Right?

Sexy girl displaying some serious underboobs.

That one started with a laugh! On my Twitter I sometimes post dumb quotes from Polish pickup forums but this one was exceptional. A guy wrote “no chick on this planet will accept the fact that her stud fucks some other girl”. Oh boy, is he wrong. Not only girls are more than happy to accept that but – as the old quote goes – they would rather share a high value man than be saddled by a faithful loser. See the invaluable Rollo Tomassi or the legendary Heartiste for more details.

Many guys on Polish pickup forums are more concerned on getting “that one girl” or fixing their dead relationships than seducing new girls. I think that’s also the source of most of their problems.

Unfortunately that guy is one of many still blinded men who didn’t bother to either do some research or – preferably – try something on their own. I have no problem with that, you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. But to log on to a forum and waste many people’s time spreading unverified myths is a special kind of dumb.

So to be blunt: yes, there are a lot of girls that will be more than happy to share you for some time. I have one girl on rotation for almost two years and she knows I’m sleeping with other chicks. I think no girl this year had any doubts as to who I am or that I’m seeing many girls. Hell, one even found this blog. She was upset about it for an hour of two. Then she said that she’ll try to forget about it and never mentioned it again. It may be shocking if you’ve never experienced true abundance or even haven’t dated few girls at one time.

That’s why I advise over and over again to have many options. If you’re dating only one girl it not only makes you “play safe” which is counterproductive but also keeps you in bubble of your false beliefs. Flirt, seduce, date, sleep with many girls. It does wonders to your vibe and to your head. You’ll quickly see that “fuck friend” relationships aren’t as uncommon as you’ve thought. You’ll see with your very own eyes that it’s easier to get girls if you already have girls. And when you are sleeping with many it’s almost impossible to get oneitis. There isn’t anything “special” in any of them even though you like one more than the other.

Sexy girl displaying some serious underboobs.

Good girl (when no one is watching).

Inevitably that topic always attracts some guys claiming that all this is applicable only to “sluts” and that there are faithful, loving girls out there that are disgusted by a mere notion of something different than missionary position. Sorry to disappoint you but, once again, it’s a spectrum not a binary thing. There are girls that are more prone to such behavior and those who are less. It all depends on circumstances, risk of someone finding out and the quality of the prize. I always assume that girls I’m seeing are sleeping with someone else. That frees me from worrying about it. I’ve recently talked about that with Rivelino who had similar concerns.

“Where such men love they have no desire and where they desire they cannot love.” – Freud

Just like girls want to fuck with an alpha and settle with beta men tend to sleep around with “sluts” and marry “good girls”. But this is a fallacy on both sides. Every beta would like to score a hot chick on the side and every good girl would love a wild adventure. No that they all act on their urges. Hell, most of them won’t ever be in a situation where they could fulfill their fantasies. But it’s a real possibility. Most men don’t even think that’s viable and they never pursue that path. Hence the don’t find out what the girls fantasize about. Yes, even the “good girls”.

Take the, quite old, Krauser’s example. Or think for a while about the sheer number of girls who like anal sex or enjoy spanking. That’s just the tip of an iceberg. Use a dildo to do some double penetration. You still think she’s such an innocent girl when she moans and begs for more? When she screams “screw me harder” or yells for you to hit her? I’m sure I haven’t even found out about half of things girls really dream about. I still could fill few chapters of a real book with stuff that many the guys aren’t aware you could do in a bedroom. With “good girls”, too.

Being a boring fuck is what keeps guys from realizing what girls really want in bed. And then they’re surprised that those girls are looking for thrills somewhere else.

Remember that it’s all subjective. She can be a “whore” for one guy and a “Madonna” for other. But if you treat her like a special snowflake you automatically stop her from expressing her desires. She will pretend to be shocked by the wilder things you propose later in the relationship. However, if you act like it’s normal to be naughty from the very beginning she’ll open up and allow you more. Once again we’re back to the notion of the frame. However you behave she’ll play along. If you treat her like a wild untamed animal – she’ll be one.

One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is when your girlfriend “isn’t like that anymore“. What it means – she used to do (and enjoy!) all those kinky things but she won’t do them now. Well, at least with you. I’ve even heard guys bragging about it! They seem to think it’s fine when their partner became a “good girl” for them. Where in reality she just don’t find them attractive. You think she suddenly don’t like it rough anymore? She still do but to her they’re walking wallets, providers, not lovers.

This topic has been beaten to death by already mentioned Rollo Tomassi and Heartiste amongst others. This is just a reminder that there are no “good girls”. Merely “less slutty” which is not exactly the same thing. And if you think about it it’s not really a bad thing.


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