Daygame Nomad vs. Stationary Daygame

Passport and tickets to Kiev.

Many well known daygamers are nomads or travelers. They spend most of their time away from home, travelling here and there. They’re constantly on the move to meet girls from different countries and enjoy their mini-relationships (or one night stands). I’m lucky enough to live in a big city and game mostly local girls. But I’ve also managed to travel just for daygame. While I’m certainly not an expert on euro-jaunts I can spot few differences.

Let’s start with what everyone is thinking. “Being a foreign guy gets you laid much easier!” In one word? Nope. You have to deal with sex tourist label, language barrier, nationalist ideologies (yes, there are girls who just won’t sleep with a guy from other country) and – most of all – lack of time. Contrary to popular belief panties aren’t dropping left and right when you pull out your… passport. So why do people travel for daygame? Some are more attracted to girls from specific region, others like both travel and daygame and there are guys living in terrible places where hot girls are unheard of. Like Germany.

When you’re living in Shitsville you have to travel for daygame. There is no other way.

The most reliable and easy to sustain way to get better at anything is doing something every day. If you’re training at the gym 7 times per week then it just becomes your ingrained habit. You don’t even think of saving time for the gym as you start to organize all other activities around your fixed trainings. It’s no different with daygame. Doing it regularly makes the learning so much easier and the internalization so much faster. That’s why doing it locally can be of many benefits.

If your city has at least 700 thousand inhabitants (some say a million) you could be picking up girls for years without great risk of running into same girl twice (or thrice, which is hilarious). If there are some universities then you will also have a steady influx of students. You can’t complain as to the lack of girls, venues, activities and ideas for dates. But the sheer number of available women is the biggest factor here. You can organize your life in a way that every week you approach some girls and throw them into the funnel.

Without the need to push as many approaches as humanly possible into a short period of time your risk of burnout is much smaller. Unless you do something stupid like try to approach 200 girls per month your body (and results) will tell you what ratio is sustainable in the long term. There is no sense in doing 50 approaches in one weekend and then rest for 2 weeks because you’re too fed up with daygame. Be smart, you’re running a marathon, not a sprint. Many numbers will flake, many dates will lead to nowhere. You can’t be relying on a single number farming run to get you success. You have to constantly update and reevaluate your leads.

That’s why you integrate daygame into your life seamlessly. You take a long way home from work. You wander around crowded area before you go to the gym (or after – in which case don’t forget to take a shower). You daygame before some regular activity or you make daygame one. There’s no pressure nor a fixed deadline.

Passport and tickets to Kiev.

Nothing I’m going to write is going to stop you from travelling to get some flags. Before you do make sure you have few local ones…

You don’t have that luxury when you travel – first days are hardcore number farming and the following are packed with both daygame and dates right until you fill all the possible dating slots. Then you back off daygame, do some sightseeing an date, date, date trying to figure out which girls are the most promising. And then you either close or plan a second trip to finish things off.
And that’s the issue with travelling – most guys won’t tell you that but to not give off that creepy sex tourist vibe you really have to stay longer (10-15 days) or come back after few weeks. Weekend trips for daygame are pointless unless you’ve already got some solid leads or girlfriends. And the latter are harder to get. When you sleep with a girl from a different country it’s double the adventure it usually is. What normalizes your fast lays at home is the ability to see the girl in a few days, repeat the sex and also show that you’re not disappearing anytime soon thus starting some kind of relationship.

I have this weird quality that girls in general want to stay with me, even though they know I’m a player. I don’t get buyer’s remorse outrages, they know what they’re getting into… and they’re fine with it. Which in turn means that most of the girls I sleep with become “regulars“. Either we’re non-exclusively dating or it’s a pure fuck friend relationship. But we see each other once in a week or two, have sex, do some fun stuff. It’s totally different with your foreign “girlfriends” where in most cases in few days you’re going back home to return after weeks at best. If ever. I’ve yet to have a “foreign regular”. Maybe it’s easier for the nomads because they travel so much…

That’s why I praise stationary daygame. Local girls, no time pressure, far easier logistics, ability to plan dates further than next two days, no sex tourist concerns (just regular womanizer ones), etc. And living in a big city gives you the same anonymity than being a foreigner somewhere else. But somehow many guys have the idea that daygame works only abroad.

Now we all know that genetic distance is attractive. That’s why sooner or later you will want to go to some other country to take your chances with girls that are in some way exotic. But don’t fool yourself that you’ll get better results in a foreign place than you’re getting at home. At the very best they’ll be on par, probably a tad worse. Unless you’re going to some country like Thailand to pay for sex. But that’s not what we’re interested in. At least I’m not.

If your daygame sucks in your own country then you won’t do any better abroad.

Living in a big city? Then there is nothing stopping you from starting your adventures right now and there. You can always travel later to get some flags, once your skill is good enough. If you’re stuck in a small town – either try to escape or take big and long vacations in a places where you can (and want) return to. And remember – there is no downside to travelling.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Anonymous - 2016-10-23

I'm stuck in a small town. What advice do you have for new day gamers in a small town? I've been tempted to put on a more 'BF' material role in order to blend into the local social circles. I'm in no way saying I'm correct about this observation but it seems day game and alpha game does not work in small towns where everyone virtually vets on eachother and knows eachother (or in some cases like my town, many people don't WANT to know eachother even though it's a small town!)

It feels like limbo for sure.

tddaygame - 2016-10-23

No, direct daygame doesn't work well in small towns. You need anonymity. You can go indirect and play the boyfriend role to avoid being labeled as a player. Or – and that would be my suggestion – move out as fast as you can. Bigger cities – bigger opportunities. Not only for daygame.

Tom Finn - 2016-10-25

I can confirm your observation with german girls they are terrible. Both in looks and behaviour.
The one thing which I missed in your article is the fact that your SMV is not everywhere the same. In Asia for instance as a white guy it is much higher than in western europe where it is nothing special and the girls are corrupted through feminism. In Indonesia I even didn't need game at all. Got more young, slender girls to fuck from Tinder then I could handle. In Germany in contrary I only get matches with old fat hoges.

Matus k - 2016-10-27

I think they want to stay with you because you have certain (high) value you don't fully realize. While their other options may drop on one knee and move worlds for her, it repulses her.

So even though she knows she's eventually "screwed", she will take the drug. You.

After all, our hormones are stronger than many peoples' will.

ButToothNeverDies - 2016-10-27

The 'no hot girls in germany' comment hit hard. Just look at them on Tinder. No diversity and just girls smiling into the camera. Hardly any pics of their bodies, nothing quirky or special about them. Occasionally you find these girls.

Also seconded on the SMV thing. Not speaking the language and being black is like a two hit combo for low SMV. I'm really out here looking for unicorns.

Anonymous - 2016-10-28

Daygame travelling is good for one thing: daygaming a lot (like everyday) with a holiday vibe. It can be a big city in your own country, it hasn't to be Moscow or New York. Daygaming only once or twice a week in your own city (if it's not that big) won't bring you far, because you need the intensity and you should escape the spotlight effect as a beginner/intermediate.

If you go daygaming in germany and then afterwards to eastern europe for example, you'll notice the difference quickly. Does that mean there are no hot girls in germany? Of course not. If you're good at daygaming, it's no problem to meet beautiful girls in germany. If you have no skill, you'll have no luck in Prague, London, Paris. There is no pussy paradise.

Eck - 2017-03-23

Do you think that Lublin is big enough for daygame? I’ll live there for a year and I worry that the medium size of the city could be a problem(300.000 inhabitants, of those 50.000 females students).

Great blog chap! No bs.

    tddaygame - 2017-03-24

    Hey there! Thanks for the comment.

    I’ve never personally daygamed in Lublin but because there are so many students there I’ve heard nothing but good things. Of course during the summer and winter vacation it’s pretty dead but if you’re all in for the students – you’ll be good. Travel somewhere else on the off-season.

    Kam - 2017-05-24

    Hey Eck! I’ve just read your comment. I’m daygaming in Lublin regularly. If you want a wingman, you can contact me. But my english is not very good.


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