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There are few things that every guy that starts his daygame journey thinks he needs. One of those things are infields – examples of other people approaching hot girls. Recording video infields is tiresome task requiring a ton of good luck, patience and a cameraman or two but publishing audio infield is really easy. Just record on your mobile device or headset, level the signal in some audio editing software and there you go.

Never trust a coach who won’t demo for you, let you listen him and won’t listen to what you’re saying to the girls.

Of course infields posted on-line are carefully picked and I don’t differ much in that regard. I don’t post blowouts because the learning value for them is zero. Weak sets when a girl is stunning but doesn’t invest are much better to look at than to listen. Not every number close is teaching you something. And of course some recordings are just plainly inaudible.

But I’ve started to post infields on YouTube and I’ll continue to do so. However, most of them will be in my native language (they are on my Polish channel) because usually I’m approaching in Poland. But I also travel so I will share with you whatever I’ll record. Last batch was form Kiev.

Sometimes everything is just right and the model is clearly visible. You start with a little fun, then go right into Stacking and Vibing – just flirting with girl trying to see if you two are getting along, if there is any attraction. If there is some then the conversation goes into more relaxed Rapport section where you learn few things about each other. Then you close.

Good daygame conversations usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and consist of: opening strong, good reaction from the girl, nice long flirt about nothing in particular, knowing some details about each other, ending on a high point and some future projection for the date to show that you’re serious. That will be majority of your lays but not necessarily majority of your numbers.

Another big group of numbers you’ll get are those where you didn’t follow the model to the letter but the attraction was sky high and it’s been built immediately. Maybe she likes you. Maybe she’s looking for sex that day. Maybe everything is just right. You don’t need to go through the model in a linear fashion. Assume attraction is done and only minimal rapport is needed. Those numbers I’d say are 50/50. Either she’ll text you back and you’ll set up a date or she’ll flake (immediately or after a short texting).

You have to resist temptation of closing those girls really fast. If she doesn’t know anything about you she might later decide that she won’t meet with a “total stranger”. Keep talking to her, let her know few things about the guy who just approached her on the street and then – close strong.

Most of your numbers will come from the grind. The “yellow lights”, “maybe girls” are the majority of women out there. They’re somewhat interested but not to the point of dropping their panties. They won’t invest much into the conversation but it is possible to get the number. Then – they flake or you need quite a few text conversations to get them out. It is still possible and this is where the game is really played. Can you convert those yellows to green?

It’s the most common level of interest in a random girl but you’ll see some guys refusing to follow the leads. They will say that it’s “not worth it” or “too much fuss”. They don’t want to work just to get a new lay. But as far as I know it’s the only way to expand your comfort zone into different kind of girls. That’s why – whatever is your level – the grind is still real, you still have to go out and experience rejections, flakes and sometimes even disappointment. But if you’re getting only successes that means you’re playing it on the easy level. You don’t grow.

Avid daygamers are to be seen doing a lot of approaches, regardless of their level. For example I always know when Nick Krauser is in my city. I just bump into him chasing girls.

And of course there are also rejections. They come in one of two flavors: 1. the girl will eagerly talk to you but refuse to give you her number (boyfriend or some other excuse) 2. immediate blowout. The first kind is still useful for practice but for intermediates it’s just waste of time. If you’re only looking for an upgrade to your current harem you need to spot those timewasters fast. Thankfully, by becoming more r-selected you’ll scare some of those girls away. If you’re getting a lot of harsh blowouts then perhaps you’re missing the basics. But there is whole series for that.

For those who wonder: I’ve slept with one of those three girls.


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