Attraction Basics: Grooming And Other Obvious Stuff

tddaygame presenting his glorious jawline

It’s been a long journey! I’ve started “Attraction Basics” series back in May with a text about posture. Then I discussed eyes and smile, clothes and style, working out, vibe and walk, voice (and statements) to circle back to fashion and accessories. I have few more thoughts that are pretty basic and then there will be some revelations that I had during my latest daygame adventures.

It’s not a secret that I’ve written all these posts so I don’t have to repeat myself when coaching students. But it’s also stuff that I applied to myself and it helped me a lot. Try it yourself.

Grooming and hygiene shouldn’t be a secret to any of you. Keep yourself clean, your clothes fresh & ironed and your hair styled. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself especially when initial impression is a big factor in your interactions with others. Go for maximum effect with minimum effort. You can always spare 5 minutes before leaving your house. Look in the mirror, fix what’s wrong, put on your favorite scent and go.

And by “always” I really do mean “always”. If you’re just going around the corner to buy a bottle of wine for the evening – dress sharp. You’ll never know who you’ll meet. Since you’re a daygamer you are capable of talking to girls anytime and anywhere (not just on the streets of busy cities!). Most guys will be better without yet another excuse to use.

This topic easily got mundane and dull when I first wrote it so instead of list of advices I’ll share some of my observations.

Beards seems to be very much “in” lately. I’ve got many girls telling me they like my facial hair. Experiment with stubble, 3- and 7-day hair but don’t go full lumberjack with long bushy beard. And whatever facial hair you have – keep it groomed. The goal is to make your jawline more pronounced if you aren’t blessed with it naturally. Trim the hair, shave the neck or just go to a barber if you don’t have any ideas.

tddaygame presenting his glorious jawline

Styling your beard should be aimed at showing your jawline.

And while we’re in the region of facial hair – there is nothing bad in plucking your eyebrows. Especially if you have an unibrow. That goes without saying but not everyone will point that out. I won’t even mention nose or ear hair.

While there aren’t that many “don’ts” you really shouldn’t have long hair. It isn’t helping at all, girls are put off by it especially if it’s greasy. And even if they’re taken care of – I’ve heard only once that girl didn’t like bald guys (and I fucked her anyway, so I don’t believe her) whereas I’ve heard many many times that girls don’t like long hair, they don’t consider it manly, etc. I had shoulder length hair (and even waist length once), now I’m bald and I prefer being bald.

You don’t have to go to the extremes with your hair but it’s a big part of your look. At least have a hairdo. And since stereotypes often are true I can repeat yet another – gay barbers are awesome. As you know I can’t be an expert on that topic because I haven’t had my hair cut professionally since childhood but my friends that opted for a gay guy definitely look much better.

Now onto the even more obvious. All serious daygamers carry with them chewing gum for that fresh breath. You should too as no one will say to your face that your breath stinks. Always assume it needs to be freshened up. Keep a toothbrush in your work if you’re daygaming in the afternoon.

If you’re sweating – use good antiperspirants (those with aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly works best for me). If you’re about to go for a date you can have a spare shirt. Especially in the beginning guys get nervous during an approach and they sweat. On the other hand – getting new number(s) just before a date gives you great vibe so I always recommend that. You can change your shirt before the date. Remember that as you get more experienced you’ll be less stressed.

Tattoos are always good for that bad boy look but too many of them and you’re crossing the line to the alternative zone. Some chicks dig that, some don’t. I like tattoos on girls but personally I don’t have any.

Concealer. Before you laugh listen to this. I’ve bruised my face once (with a helmet, don’t ask) and the next day I was about to train some people at work. I looked like I’ve took a heavy beating. I’ve visited a cosmetic store and a nice girl made all the bruises disappear with a concealer. Which I bought right there and then. If you’re worried about zits or blemishes (or to be more manly – bruises and scars) get one of those, use it and stop worrying. And unless you have heavy acne there aren’t many facial defects that act as a turn-off.

Speaking of which – I’ve never had any problem with acne but there are some pretty heavy drugs that can fix this in a matter of months. Consult your dermatologist and make it really clear that you’re ok with any side effects and just want to cure this thing, not treat it.

My skin is light which is bad for showing muscles but for some reason it never bothered me. If you’re not gaming on the beach then it really shouldn’t matter. Avoid tanning beds and getting yourself a reddish hue. Other than that – go bananas with the sun.

That’s all that was left on my list. These are all really basic but if there is a guy out there who can benefit from that then I won’t consider time spent on this text wasted. Writing all these posts were enjoyable, mostly because I haven’t had a tight schedule. I wanted to finish everything till the end of summer and I did though I’m sure more “basic” topics will come but I’m done for now. Let’s go back to daygame.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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