Attraction Basics: Vibe And Walk

tddaygame approaching a girl in Guliver (mall in Kiev)

Everything we need to fix before hitting the streets is an “Attraction Basic“. Most elusive thing I can still call basic is the mythical vibe.

Vibe is the frame of mind you’re both feeling and projecting. So if you’re anxious – you’ll be nervous and withdrawn. If you manage to be excited then you’ll be outgoing and cheerful. There isn’t a single way to capture one’s vibe, though asking “How are you?” can be quite accurate. If you want to assess someone – just observe. Could you describe him as “full of energy” or “happy”? That’s what we’re looking for.

Unfortunately not everyone is happy on a daily basis. If your health is bad, you don’t have a job, your apartment sucks – sort these things out first! It can be quite shocking but there are more important things in life than chasing girls. If you’re done dealing with all your current issues – you’ll feel good. And then you can work on your vibe on the streets.

However, never stop improving quality of your lifework out, travel, pick up hobbies, make friends, get a promotion or whatever works for you. And that doesn’t mean driving a better car. Money won’t make you happy. Achieving something and progress will. Set one to three (but no more!) life goals and start working towards them. Each step, each success will make you feel better. Even simple things like buying yourself a canvas when you’re learning how to paint. Actions do matter.

I also have to repeat myself and recommend working out a lot and getting enough sleep. Those things alone will do wonders for your vibe.

To  fully use your good energy to your advantage warm up socially before you daygame the girls. That can be done back in your workplace just before you leave – joking with coworkers; on your way – talking with strangers or by burning the first set. I’m usually gaming after work and I just jump into the first set as fast as I can regardless of perceived chances. Whatever the outcome it helps me tremendously to open next set just seconds later. You can even lie to yourself that “this is just a warm up set” or say the compliment and then excuse yourself from that first set.

Outcome dependency could be a big issue. Especially in the beginning do not expect nothing more than nice interactions with good looking girls. Just act. Regular readers already know that I work towards getting at least two numbers each session. But it’s not my goal. I just sarge trying to open most of the girls I like (and every IOI). I try to maximize my chances of going home with more than one number by not quitting after the first one and focusing on opening a lot. I’m not focused on the goal.

But also don’t forget why you’re chatting girls – to get a solid number and then meet and seduce them. Analyzing conversations should be done after each and every one. When it’s finished ask yourself – were you just chatting the girl or picking her up? Most of the time you can clearly see the difference. If you did bad – don’t worry. Make another approach to fix your mistakes. The beauty of daygame is that you can learn from every bad interaction and almost immediately apply the knowledge to the next one.

tddaygame approaching a girl in Guliver (mall in Kiev)

More action, Kiev, June 2016.

A secondary but nevertheless important topic is the way you walk. Don’t be stiff or stressed. Be relaxed, energetic, jumpy, gesture a lot when you talk to a wing, make your presence noticeable. Don’t try to hide, you want to grab girls’ attention even before you approach them. That’s called forcing an IOI (Indicator of Interest). Some girls will look at you twice, some will blush and/or smile, some will look back as they go past you. If any of that happens and the girl is nice – approach. That could be an easy lay.

The most visible way your vibe shows is through how you walk, how you stand and how you behave. It works both ways – the more happy you appear, the more happy you are.

The swagger is the key for projecting good vibe while walking. Think about fighters entering the ring, rockstars walking in public, a guy that got promotion and laid on the same day. They move using their whole body, they walk swaying their hips and shoulders drawing more attention to themselves. When you start to do it on the streets it will either make you feel more confident or it will feel weird. If you think that it worsens your vibe then stop. Try again later with a good music in your ears and imagine walking on a set of music video. Yes, swag is that important.

Here is a short compilation of me walking during my various travels. If you’re interested in more theory behind it check that one Outlaw Daygame video by Nick Krauser. You’ll also notice that this isn’t your everyday’s walk. You can turn the swag on and off if you want to get IOIs, be more noticeable and open. Walking that way helps with your vibe as there is a connection between your mood and your actions. You act how you feel but also you feel like you act. You can really force yourself to feel better.

Vibe topic is almost endless but for beginners this post is more than enough. Do everything you can to sort out all your problems in life and bring your best self to the streets. Expect fun, great interactions and meeting new hot girls. That’s it.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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