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Texting with the divorced girl. Pretty standard.

I’ve done two trips to the Ukraine in about a month. First one was to enjoy Lviv and to daygame hardcore in Kiev. The second trip wasn’t a planned one but because I’ve got solid leads from the first one I decided to go back. Here are two stories out of many more that happened there.

The Music Girl

It was a terrible Friday evening of the first trip as both mine and sharkk’s dates were canceled. Sitting in our big apartment we were pondering on the mysteries of the universe (not really) when a spark of an idea appeared. The nearby mall was still open for an hour and we decided to actually do something and check it out.

On our way there I’ve stopped a cute Ukrainian with a relaxed vibe. She had really good English, was working in IT and – surprise, surprise – knew my favorite band. The topic of music was on top of my assumption stack as she had her headphones on and a smile on her face. We’ve immediately connected and talked about bands, concerts and travels. It turned out she will be visiting Poland for an heavy metal gig and she likes to travel whenever she can.

She had a bag of groceries and wasn’t going in the direction of metro station so I’ve assumed she lives nearby. Sherlock Holmes would be proud – my deduction was correct. Instead of continuing to talk on the street we agreed to meet in front of a popular cafe in 40 minutes. And that’s how you turn a bad evening around.

The date itself wasn’t spectacular – we’ve connected, had some non-alcoholic drinks and all in all there wasn’t much tension built before the closing time. I suggested going to my place to hang out for a while and surprisingly that bounceback worked. It helped that our apartment was two blocks away and sharkk was out on a different date (yes, he too managed to set up a date albeit with a former lead).

In the apartment we’ve sit on a couch and went through playlist on my phone. Listening to music, sitting really close to each other my escalation was limited to touching her, playing with her hair and of course long pauses during we gazed into each other eyes. During that I’ve learnt that she had about 30 minutes so I couldn’t see any point in going for the kiss. It would’ve felt rushed.

She left and that’s all that happened on that trip. We were supposed to meet for a breakfast on Sunday (just before I flew back) but it didn’t work out. Nevertheless long game was pretty promising. We went beyond the music and there was some seduction going on too. She seemed very keen and happy to meet when she learned that I’m going back.

Texting with a music girl. It is on.

If that’s not a good sign then I don’t know shit…

Nowadays my long game is concerned with keeping the lead warm (not hot – I don’t want to burn it) but to also provide a sexual (or “lover”) frame. That, mixed with rapport and working out logistics, resulted in a wine date at my place for Saturday’s evening when I come back to Kiev. And sex was implied.

On Friday (second trip, one day before the second date) she texted me that she’s got tickets for the big ass rock band that was playing at the stadium 700 meters from my apartment. It was a gift, she wanted to go and – most important part – suggested that we meet at 11 pm. That’s basically saying “I’ll come to your place for the night”. She even asked for the address on Saturday’s morning thus confirming everything.

My Twitter readers already know my biggest mistake – it was drinking a coffee at 11 pm waiting for the girl to come. She never came and I’ve never heard from her while I was in Kiev. And this is just bad luck. It was a great setup and yet nothing happened.


The Divorced Girl

It was one of the first sets of the second trip to Kiev. We were in a mall and sharkk went after some hottie while I’ve found that cute girl in a dress was staring at me. That was clearly an IOI but I was busy setting up my smartphone for recording. When I glanced back at her she was still looking and smiled at me so I had no choice but to approach her.

Warm approach is always great. Even if the girl wants only to flirt these are the best and easiest conversations. We’ve talked about the city, travels and our lives. I’ve never been “accidentally” touched that many times by a girl during a stop. It was a long conversation too. She said she was busy that day but we could meet some other time so we’ve found each other on WhatsApp. She giggled at my profile photo, I suggested she should set one up too (and she did – it was her on a motorbike). Sharkk saw us and later said that she was glowing with joy after the set. That was a super strong lead even in a slow city like Kiev.

Texting with the divorced girl. Pretty standard.

Don’t ask me why all the smileys don’t have eyes. The just don’t. It’s Ukraine!

The texting was a proper mix of excitement and (un)necessary caution. That’s good – if the girl is “afraid” how the night unfolds that means she at least thought of a sexual scenario. Now I just had to make it happen.

Fast forward to the next day when in the middle of the day she texted to confirm the date (great sign). Then she was late almost half an hour (not so great). She had a proper explanation and was apologetic and I wasn’t going to destroy the vibe by focusing on that. We went to the first venue – the same cafe that I was in with the Music Girl.

We’ve got ourselves coffees and a single cheesecake with two forks. It was her suggestion but also a great idea for fast paced date. Sharing a cake is intimate, playful and allows to escalate differently thus offsetting the sex vibe a little bit.

We’ve talked about each other, I’ve learned that she’s recently divorced after many years most of which her husband was cheating on her. Yes, even with her friend. So now after a divorce and moving to a different place she was ready to live once again, travel, experience new things. She wanted to get something out of life for herself. I guess that would be me.

We switched to another venue, where we were sitting closer to each other (unfortunately all the couches were occupied) and I changed the topic to travels, enjoying your life and new experiences. Now the air was sparkling with sexual tension which I tried to capitalize on by kissing her. Nope, she blushed and said that she hasn’t kissed in public in a long time and she even don’t know if she can do it. “It’s like riding a bike, you can’t forget it!” I said and noted that discretion should be my top priority now.

Opportunity appeared really soon when we were discussing her visit to Italy and inevitably Prosecco was mentioned. I suggested that it’s a perfect drink for hot weather and since we’re next to the mall – we should go and grab a bottle. There it was – we were having an adventure. She suggested few places where we could drink it but I had a better place in mind. Talking about nothing we’ve managed to go to the mall, pick a bottle and only then she asked where we are going to drink it. Leap of faith moment – I said that I live next to the mall. She was still adventurous but she wasn’t sure about that idea. I paid for the wine and we left.

Just in front of my apartment she resisted hard for the first time. “You know that in Ukraine when a man invites a girl to his apartment that means he wants to have sex with her?” – she asked. I just said that I want to have that Prosecco with her and I’m not going to walk around with a bottle in my hand. “I can’t have sex with you today.” “I understand, let’s go.” It took me some time and was a bit harder than it should be.

In the apartment she required some time to feel at ease. We’ve chilled and talk about various things – including me answering a lot of questions about prices and earnings in Poland. I’ve must acted surprised because she explained that she doesn’t want to marry me but she’s just curious. Few of the girls were like that so I just answered her questions and moved on to touching her and trying to kiss.

Trying. Because “if we kiss then we’re going to have sex. And I can’t have sex with you today”. There was a hidden message: “can’t” not “won’t” sounded like… she’s on her period. Fuck. With booze in my veins and an eager girl in my hands I just kept on trying. And I understood her assumption that kiss means sex after we actually kissed. Oh boy it was on. She moaned and grabbed me and I’m sure she was wet just after the makeout that followed the kiss.

I’ve picked her up and thrown her to the bed still kissing and touching her. Of course there was some push-pull and one or two pauses during which I kept the tension high. I’ve also put her hand on my cock so she could see I wanted her. When she tried to explain that she’s on her period I just told her that it’s natural and I don’t care. She can take a shower and it will be okay. “Do you have protection?” was the question I was delighted to hear at that point.

Getting her to the shower required some comfort, me taking my shirt off and a glass of wine in the bathroom. But situation was under control, big decision has been made. She came out in just a small towel showing her cute tight body. The kissing moans were nothing compared to the reactions she had while we fucked. After the first time she explained that “I had sex with you because I really needed it. Any my ex-husband wasn’t giving me enough”. I almost felt like a public service giving her the night she really needed. Oh, and her period was already gone. Lucky me.

Finally we’ve fallen asleep but in the middle of the night she woke up and ordered a cab. I’ve walked her down and then I tried to make most of the night in terms of sleep. We’ve kept on texting the next day and I can see that when the opportunity arises we will meet once again. Because – why not?

Good luck was the theme of that lay. I was in the right place at the right time. The girl fancied me from the very beginning yet that only meant that she allowed me to seduce her. It was still my job to approach her, set up a date, make her comfortable, escalate, bounceback and finally – shatter all the token resistance. Such fast lays are always luck combined with experience. Especially in cities like Kiev where fast sex isn’t that common.

Update on The Music Girl

The Music Girl story cannot be left in the void like that. It needs closure or at least an explanation. When I’ve got back to Warsaw I’ve learned that at the concert she dropped her phone and someone smashed it. It almost sounded plausible (it was a big gig) and later I was totally convinced by her offer to visit me in Warsaw for a weekend. So the last chapter of this story is yet to be written.

Texting with a music girl. Again.

And we’re back to the long game…


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