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tddaygame approaching girl in Kiev

If you read my Twitter feed you know that I was in Ukraine for almost two weeks. That long trip helped me to organize some of my bigger thoughts. It would be even more cool if I had at least a Bluetooth keyboard to write them down. Lesson learned, I’ve already ordered one.

I like to think about daygaming as a big process that consists of more steps than just the street stop. The approach is just the start. You have to build whole system of attracting girls and getting them into bed. And it should be tailored to the birds you like, meet on daily basis and are able to attract in your environment. Change the environment and you need to fine tune the system.

Ukrainian girls in Poland are extremely willing to give out their phone numbers… but then almost all of them won’t even reply. Oddly enough Ukrainian girls in their home country behave much, much better. Observe local variations, adapt.

As any intermediate daygamer know you cannot build your long term success on other peoples’ material. You are a different person after all. You go for different types of girls, you behave differently. And you will build a totally different daygame system for yourself. Or at least you should.

tddaygame approaching girl in Kiev

More action, Kiev, May 2016.

Some people think daygame will let them get “that one girl” or that they will fall in love on their first date or that every girl that gives them her number will be a lay. It’s not about that. Or at least – it shouldn’t be about that. Every success, even finding a monogamous girlfriend, can be a byproduct of daygame but it’s never the goal nor the idea behind it. Because it’s about getting girls – a continous process, not a goal. That’s why it is important to be outcome independent. You aren’t failing. You are just spinning the gears of your daygame assembly line.

I will just describe that system as I see it. There is your ping range (your SMV – how many girls could be in some way attracted to you) that intersects with your sieve (your filter – which girls you like and see as a potential sex partner/girlfriend) giving you a supply of numbers. That supply is fed to the first conveyor belt named texting game. Some of the numbers will fall off that belt but other will enter the sorting room (which is first date where you verify the attraction on both sides). Not every number that goes in will exit that room but some will – on different conveyor belts. Some will be taken to the relationship facility (if you’ve already slept with the girl) and others will go to either short or long game conveyor belts. Short game consists of 1-3 more dates and long conveyor belt leads only to boyfriend and friend zones. You can still lay girls that aren’t on the short track by becoming their boyfriend (or “boyfriend” if you like to lie).

You also can’t forget about the long game centrifuge where you try to get girls living in different cities or countries. It’s also the place where you keep any girls that are in the “radio silence” mode. When opportunity presents those girls are on a fast track to becoming either a lover or a girlfriend.

You have to remember that this system is an imperfect one. You can – and will – lose a lead at each and every stage. Sometimes you will fuck up, sometimes it happens without apparent reason.

When you think about daygame as a complete system it changes your perception. If any part is defective, the whole process fails. But what’s even more important is that it does not create immediate results nor it focuses on the individuals. In this system there is no “one girl” that you “have to get”. It’s a “way of attracting girls”. Girls. Plural.

So at any given time you should have leads in all places. If you lack girls on the texting belt – you’ll get no dates. If you don’t push enough new prospects through the sieve – the whole system will soon become empty. However, if you’re constantly providing new leads by approaching then you can expect that new lays/plates/girlfriends will be eventually produced at more or less constant rate. Doing things that way stops you from pedestalizing individual girls as you’re working on a mass scale. However this sounds.

Hot Ukrainian girl dressed up for a date.

More dating, Kiev, May 2016.

If the constant rate mentioned above is the problem then – to take this analogy even further – you have to improve the machinery in your daygame assembly line. The three most crucial elements to upgrade are: the ping range (to attract more girls), the sieve (to filter them more efficiently) and the sorter (to get fast lays or at least filter out the time wasters). It’s not a coincidence that these are all the first stages of seduction – without those you’ll have no leads to work on. And that’s why most of the daygame advice focuses on the approach.

If I were to name another crucial area I would pick the long game centrifuge. It’s so easy to lose a girl during the long game and I’m not very good at it yet. I’m travelling more and more so I’ll definitely need to improve on this.

What to do to extend your ping range? Maximize your SMV by dressing better, working out, having interesting life and becoming more social. Check out the Attraction Basics series that I’ve started recently. But also: throw yourself into all sorts of social situations. Interact with girls and people, especially do the bread and butter of daygame – approach more.

Why do you need to upgrade the sieve? For once it would be nice to filter the time wasters during the approach. Only the girls that are prospective should pass that stage. It’s sometimes fun to go for a date with a hot 19 years old but if you can feel that she’s not even considering you as a boyfriend (let alone a lover) you’re just wasting your time. The same goes for a girl leaving next day to live in Australia. If you learn that she’s busy today – there’s no way you can lay her before she leaves. It’s a matter of stopping and asking yourself “is the girl really interested or just polite?”.

How to improve your dating, especially the first date? It’s a topic for another post as this was my biggest issue for a very long time. I’ll write about it soon.

To reiterate: think about your daygame as a complete system. Too many people are in it just for the thrills of approaching, which leads them nowhere. Others focus on existing leads and stop feeding the machinery (and when all leads fall off they’re left with nothing). Inspect where you’re losing most of the girls and try to improve in those areas. And never stop approaching.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Vaughn - 2016-06-06

Awesome machinery analogy. I'd add the "recycler" – you periodically reprocess existing leads to push them on to the next stage of the line. However, the more times you recycle a lead the lower it becomes in quality, until it reaches a point where you throw it away. Btw, Really good post.


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