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A fancy watch.

After a quite lengthy piece this time I’m down to quick raw advice. Know your time. Or better yet – know her time. And I’m not talking about period.

You have to consider girls’ lives. Ask yourself “what are the single girls doing right now?”. For example – recently in Poland we had two national holidays. Shops and offices were closed leaving just bars and restaurants that were open. Why would a single girl/women be out? She couldn’t be doing groceries, shopping or working nor she was going to a public office. Weather wasn’t great so the only reasons was to meet with friends or family or to attend an event. But unless they decided on a dinner most people would gather early evening.

That doesn’t mean tumbleweed was rolling through the streets during the day and wolves were howling in the distance like in some post-apocalyptic scenery. Sidewalks were still full but those were couples, families and tourists with hardly any hot single girls. That’s a different crowd, one which isn’t very prospective. By the way you can learn to recognize that particular crowd in no time. Just pay a visit to any major tourist area in your city – you’d find very similar people there. Look at them and once again ask – “what are they doing here?”.

You all know by now that tourist areas are no-go zones. Of course there are always some single girls travelling and sightseeing but for daygame we need volume. You can’t put all eggs in one basket.

There are general patterns of girls’ (and human) behavior. They can be specific for a particular city or location within that city. When you’re considering picking up girls anywhere always ask yourself one question “what would a single girl be doing there?”. That’s why hours after work (when everyone’s commuting) and early evening (when they are on their way to meet someone) are always great.

I’ve tweeted many times that malls are unusually packed on Fridays and quite empty on Mondays. Saturday is great only around the noon and late in the evening (streets, parks, malls, everywhere). Find those patterns by yourself as cities can differ. It’s obvious but don’t forget type of girls you’re after, too. Young students are doing different things than MILFs.

There is one universally special day – Sunday. Most girls are having ‘alone’ time on Sunday, reading, cleaning, cooking resting after the weekend or just preparing for the upcoming week. It’s very easy to set up a date for that day but bouncebacks will be harder if she has to go to work/school on Monday. Knowing that it’s usually a lazy day you can exploit it in a different way.

When you’re wondering whether to text a girl on Friday or Saturday just stop and wait for the Sunday. It’s a great day to revive old numbers, set up dates for the next week and ping all the leads. Wait for the late afternoon or early evening and go through all your recent contacts and all those marked with a ‘radio silence’ tag.

Some guys prefer calling girls instead. In my opinion chances of the girl being busy and unable to pick up the phone are too high. And then you can either wait (risking that she won’t call back) or try again later (risking appearing needy by leaving two missed calls). Texting is fine with women of all ages.

What to text? If they’re recent leads just follow your usual structure. Send an interesting picture, a “window to my world” text or something totally random. You know the drill, you’re texting those girls every 3-4 days either way, right?

For the long lost and forgotten you need something more powerful. I’d say that picture trumps any text, especially if you did something interesting – went for a ride to a cool place, were on a concert, run a marathon. You can also send a text, no worries. “I’ve just had biggest burger in my life… and I want a second one” is an okay “window to my world” text in general. To revive and old contact you need something stronger. “I’ve just bought plane tickets to Iceland, I’m aiming for those two days this year when it’s not freezing there!” – that way you give her much more hooks to start the conversation.

A fancy watch.

Ok, you’ve got me. I’ve published this post in a hurry. First decent image of watch and no idea for the caption.

Sometimes you’ve got leads that are kind of flakey. Girl is responsive (but not all the time) but you just can’t get to the point where you ask her out or it’s impossible to agree on a date. If the number starts to smell (not of fish but it’s – let’s say – at least two weeks old) just burn it by sending a “final text”.

My final texts usually are one of two kinds. Either I invite her out right away (“Let’s cut the crap: you, me, Monday at 20, best drinks in the city!”, “Listen, I’m not into virtual relationships, let’s meet Wendsday evening.”) or I try to guilt her into any sort of declaration. The latter needs to be specific to the girl not to sound needy but basically I’m calling out her flakiness and wishing her good luck. If there was any attraction built sometimes she will let you know when she’s free. To be sure she won’t flake make her commit (ask her to bring something or tell her that the first round is on her). But that’s “Texting 101”.

As to sum up the today’s topic – before starting any interaction, going for a sarge or asking her out spend just few seconds thinking what the girls you’re after could be doing at that time.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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"Listen, I'm not into virtual relationships"



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