Field Report – Multicultural First Date Lay

Corks. A lot of wine corks.

This week has been great and it’s really a “turn of the tide” moment. Two new lays, one of which I particularly wish to share. Not to brag (that’s what Twitter’s +1s are for) but to show what can happen when you’re experienced enough to see the signs and don’t give up too soon.

The other lay was an almost standard LDM notch: first date – two venues, no kiss; second date – one venue, bounceback home, kiss, she stays for the night but she’s not ready for sex; third date – dinner at mine, happy times. Second or third date success is what you should expect even though you are aiming for fast sex (as I obviously did by suggesting her to sleep at my place on the second date).

While all the fast lays always make good stories do not think that’s how the pickup usually looks like. Not even considering the number of failures behind each success you just can’t expect every girl to be same day/first date lay.

Back to the main story. I approached the girl on a Monday afternoon after nice, relaxing and sexual weekend. I wasn’t thirsty but I saw this unusual girl with caramel skin, tight body and great legs from far away. Just what I like. I ran after her to discover that she doesn’t speak any Polish, she has really dark brown eyes (almost black) and she’s definitely not from Europe.

As it turned out she was a cute mix of European and Indian (dot not feather) genes. She was studying in Poland for the last few years, though in the past she lived both in Europe and Asia. The conversation was too good. Even though I’ve thrown in second compliment and a suggestion of us having drinks some evening it was just too friendly for my liking. All the attraction signs were there but then she just could be an exceptionally friendly person.

However, she knew enough things about me, already agreed on meeting and even hugged me goodbye turning her cheek for a kiss. I also couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was fancying me but with those unusual eyes of her it could be anything. Everything should be clear after first round of texting, right?

Texting example - 4 texts to invite a girl on a date.

Statement – Question – Invite as its finest.

Besides her being very open sexually she wasn’t into partying nor going to the clubs. I’m not saying daygame is superior to nightgame (even though for me it certainly is) but there’s really no limit as to who you can meet on the streets during the day.Bummer! She said she was 23 and she’s already married? Either she’s trying to play me or it’s genuine. I decided to show an “I don’t care” attitude towards that and – following SQI model – I asked a question so that no matter the reply I could follow with an invite. Bingo! She suggested drinks herself. That’s a huge “on” sign especially given that her marital status was just mentioned.

This takes us from Monday (approach) to Wednesday (date). Fast is good. Fast it where all the cool stories happen. That’s why I’ve set up the date next to my place. Not only it was convenient for me to drop my gym bag but also I expected quick bounceback. And 5 minutes walk is better than catching a cab.

When I arrived a little late she was waiting for me and we’ve picked up exactly where we’ve left – friendly, rapportish conversation. Short walk and we were at my not-so-secret location – an old factory turned into a stylish place with shops, restaurant and the wine bar in question. We’ve sat down, ordered some wine and cheese and dived into stories from our childhoods. Her being particularly interesting.

It was still a mixture of attraction and rapport. She liked to talk a lot so whenever I had a chance to DHV I did it in an elaborate manner by telling stories. But it was mostly her talking. She mentioned her husband few times but not in a way I had to react. She was sitting very close, touching me, leaning in way too far for a friend to friend conversation and oh those eyes could melt icebergs. After just one glass of wine I took a leap of faith and suggested that we should take a bottle and escape the loud venue to a much more quiet apartment of mine.

No resistance whatsoever suggested that either she already considered having sex or she was determined not to sleep with me. Those were the only two ways that would made her feel safe. Short walk and we were at my place, drinking wine and talking.

Conversation quickly took a sharp turn into her past that included strict father, competition with her sisters, living here and there and sexual experiments as she was into girls as well. That also included threesomes, fast sex and quite a few interesting things. My first attempt to kiss her was met with “Not today. I need a lot of time with someone to cheat.”. Okay, we’re getting somewhere – cheating is on the menu.

Then we were probing each other as to our opinions on sleeping around, keeping sex and relationship separated. She was bragging that all the guys were falling in love with her, even though she’d warned all of them. I admitted to being in relationships with married women before to separate myself from needy guys who believe in “the one”. “If both people know precisely what they’re getting into there’s no harm done.” We both understood that none of us is judgmental. And sex is just sex, especially when you’re into someone.

The next kiss attempt was met with passion I wasn’t expecting. Girl was hot and sensual. Then a little bit of push – teaching her how to play drums and a little drum solo to show off – and she said “Okay, I want to kiss you now”. Before I could say anything she was all over me. At this moment I was sure it was “on” today. It’s just a matter of persistence and not fucking anything up.

We went to the bedroom using my standard music library excuse, played this and that while still chatting. It wasn’t only sexual as it was really sensual as well. When I moved to the bed she followed me on her own, cuddling and kissing. We’ve fooled around and the temperature was rising. Of course she said that even though she was open to those kind of experiences in the past she never went that far that fast. And she stopped sleeping around when she got married. Yeah, right.

It was the traditional push/pull mating dance. She took mine t-shirt off, I took her blouse, then she backed off so I went to pour us more wine. There were some funny moments as she apologized for her bra not matching her panties because “she wasn’t planning on going that far” (and that was even before I took her pants off!). It seemed like she really wanted this but had some reservations about cheating on her husband (no problem while he was still her boyfriend though).

Corks. A lot of wine corks.

I think I should be sponsored by the wine industry.

“I need more wine to go further” was another cue that she really wanted me. No problem, my fridge is always full of various white wines. Two steps forward, one step back and we’ve got to the point where I was naked and she was just in her panties (thin girls shouldn’t have boobs this big!). Every makeout sessions was filled with moaning, gasping and going just a little bit further (as promised). When we were both naked and then – suddenly – she said she would need a joint to sleep with me.

It wasn’t a demand, more like she needed to relax a little bit more to let herself go. Lucky me, I had some weed stashed and we went for a smoke. Not too much, but enough for her to follow her cravings. And boy was the sex passionate! You could really feel that we both wanted each other and that the long build up only made it worth it more. Let’s just say that the bedding really needed to be thrown into the washing machine after that night.

She stayed for the night and I woke up with her caramel body cuddled to me and her mind thinking what she’ll tell her husband. I’ve already learned that he knew she was going to see me and that since last week she realized she was missing the single life. So I appeared on her radar in just the right time.

She was cuddly in the morning, she liked to walk around naked (all to my enjoyment) and we were so comfortable around each other that it’s no wonder we ended up in bed the previous day. We walked out together, her mind still on the confrontation with her husband but her body clinging to me. As we parted our ways it all seemed that it’s not going to be our only “date”.

Apparently her husband never asked her anything. And that – so far – concludes the story of my first foreign daygame girl. All other flags that I’ve got were from nightgame abroad or girls that were foreign but were also speaking Polish. So this is kind of a “first” for me and I’m confident that more of these will come (“Phrasing!“).


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Anonymous - 2016-06-13

What I like about your day game blog is that you also create your own models with proof that they work. I need to revisit some of your posts and jot down what I need to work on.


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