Attraction Basics: Fix Your Posture

tddaygame showing good posture.

Teaching guys I’ve found that the same few things needed to be corrected almost every time before we even start approaching girls. That’s how “Attraction Basics” series came to my mind. These are very simple things you can do to improve your value on the sexual market. Minimum effort, maximum effect.
One of the most common problem in today’s world is that people, in general, slouch.

I’m not kidding, see it for yourself. Stand in a crowded place and look at all those people looking down at their feet or phones. They’re used to that after days spent working on laptops and doing everything on their smartphones. And those of them that aren’t looking down have their heads buried between their arms like they’re afraid of the world. They usually look miserable and certainly not happy.

Every now and then you’d notice someone standing out from the crowd. There’s that guy, usually in a suit or leather jacket, that’s just plowing through other people. His eyes are fixed on the horizon, his gait is strong, he simply owns the street. The others get out of his way. Isn’t that the impression you want to make? And it’s just a matter of your posture.

tddaygame slouching. Bad posture.

No, no, no, no. Don’t look down like a beaten dog nor bury your head between your shoulders.

When I tell guys to straighten up most of them raise their shoulders. That’s not the way to do this! I’ve heard of two great ways to explain how to fix your stance:

1. Imagine a string fixed to your pelvis, going through center of your body and leaving it at the top of your head. Mentally pull on the top loose end. Your head should go up, your spine should unbend a little. Imagine doing this to a figure drawing model used by artists.

2. This is easier to explain: pull your arms back (and little down) like you would want to hold a pencil between your traps. Now to fix your head just look at the horizon and above other people heads. Done.

Either way the shirt you’re wearing should feel tight on your chest. If that’s not the case then you’re wearing too baggy clothes or you’re doing something wrong. The most common mistake is to shrug your arms. Don’t.

You’ll notice that your good posture will get you far more IOIs from girls. Combine that with strong eye contact, cheeky smile and general swagger and you can go from cold to warm approaching in no time.

To make your brand new posture stick just be conscious and correct yourself every time you realize that you’re slouching. That’s it. Don’t worry that you slip every now and then – just make it right right away. You can also do a “pre-flight check” in your head before you approach a girl. That’s the most crucial moment where you really want to do everything you can to help with the initial impression.

tddaygame showing good posture.

You’ll appear taller too!

If you are going to the gym or training at home you should train your back too. While good old shrugs won’t help you much you can start doing pull-ups and – if you have the equipment – face pulls. The latter is an exercise that besides working your rear delts, rhomboids and external rotators actually can help you straighten up. There are many videos and articles about face pulls so do a proper research before you start.


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