Attraction Basics: Eyes And Smile

Good and bad facial expressions by tddaygame.

“Attraction Basics” series is based on things that need to be fixed before anyone will hit the streets. There’s no excuse not to. Today we have a double topic for few reasons other than that I’ve just finished travelling where I had no time for writing. I’d hoped to publish this while in Ukraine but of course none of us brought a laptop. But I digress.

Eyes. One of the most important weapon in your seduction arsenal. And at the same time they can be the reason you cannot generate any attraction at all. You shouldn’t be staring at the girl but look her in the eyes whenever you’re interacting. Especially during whole street stop. They’re n
ot used to this, it projects confidence and spikes the sexual tension. 

Sometimes it’s good to stare, though. For example if you feel the sexual tension on the date is waning you can stare at her legs and when called out say in a cheeky way “Sorry, I wasn’t listening, I was staring at your legs”. Those opportunities aren’t common on the street.

Keep the eye contact like it’s not a big deal. If you want the gaze to work in your favour – think naughty thoughts about the girl you’re interacting with. How does she look naked? Is she good at sucking cock? Where would you cum on her? If a girl is saying anything about the way you’re looking at her – be it during the approach or on a date – you’re either very creepy or doing things right. If she doesn’t want to leave it means you’re doing good job.

When I first started getting into this whole approaching thing I’ve spent whole month learning how to keep eye contact with strangers. I’d just look into the eyes of every passerby. If it was a man I just hold it half a second after that I though “look away!”. With women I’ve held it as long as she looks away and then back at you. Not all of them will look back but when they do it’s an IOI. Go approach.

Then I focused on keeping eye contact during every conversation I was having. Work, friends, street, wherever. And then it just became a part of me. I’m the guy that holds the eye contact. When I break it, the girl knows I’m becoming less interested. 

Now as I said – staring into girl’s eyes can either generate instant attraction or be borderline creepy. If you’re getting no blushes or smiles from the girls you’re passing by then something’s wrong. And I can easily guess what it is.

Good and bad facial expressions by tddaygame.

Though I’m not a model (yet) I present to you two faces: the creep and the smirk.

That’s where your smile comes into play. Smile is one the “Six Ways to Make People Like You” list from the invaluable “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. You cannot underestimate it’s power in getting other people (and girls) to like you. It balances your seductive eye mesmer.

Now guys that I’m teaching are either smiling too much or not smiling at all. Doing it too much can get you into an entertainer role. Girl might think you’re not serious or that you’re too nervous to actually hit on her. However, it’s still better to smile too much than to not smile at all. Some guys are dead serious and/or stressed (see the picture above and ask yourself would you like to encounter me in a dark alley with that serious face). Everyone should aim for something in-between.

What you’re looking for is a smirk. That James Bond / George Clooney / Bruce Willis half-smile. They’re smiling more with their face and eyes than with their lips. Practice it in front of a mirror. That should be your default face for both walking down the street and during the approach (after the hook point). As you’re trying to say “I’m happy but feel free to amuse me” with your face.

Music can make you smile as well as remembering a good joke. You can walk around with your favorite album or good standup comedy in your headphones.

Delivering the opening line is special case where you do want to appear friendly so a full smile would be called for. But don’t force anything on you if it’s in conflict with your personality. If you’re not a smiley person a smirk might work well. Wide smile could look fake but still give it a try. However, if you do smile a lot by nature then you can go as a far as Joey Tribbiani’s “How you doin’?” smile. But please tune down the douchebaggery.

It’s better to smile too much than to don’t smile at all. Combine that with mesmerizing, strong gaze that says “I want you, now” and we’re done with today’s topic.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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