More Action – Redux

tddaygame picking up a girl in Warsaw

It is almost two months since my appeal for more action appeared. I’ve been following – or trying to follow – my goal of getting two numbers per daygame session. How’s going and is it worth it?

tddaygame picking up a girl in Warsaw

More action, March 2016 (Warsaw).

I’ve been saying it many times – you cannot be on top of your game all the time. With game, as with everything in life, there are ups and downs.It definitely was worth to force me to do something new. After that many approaches I’m more or less stable and in a rut. That means I need to consciously push myself into different direction to further progress my daygame and seduction skills. Focusing on closing more girls taught me something. Unfortunately it also brought back one of my daemons. I once again became a number machine.

After the starting period of around 300 approaches I’ve never had much problem with getting numbers. On the other hand quality of those was periodic. Sometimes I’d get solid leads but there were times where I couldn’t get a date out of any girl. Coincidentally those were the times when I was focused on number collecting. By itself is isn’t anything bad, for example while you travel, but gaming and living in one city means I should focus on high quality leads.

In the podcast with Tom Torero we’ve talked about collecting data. Thanks to that I can clearly see that I’m currently getting shitty numbers. Not exclusively  but enough that I should do something about it rather than continue to waste my time on weak leads.

Thankfully, I’ve been in that situation before and I know how to handle it. It’s time to stop thinking about the “two numbers a day” goal and focus on having good interactions while using all my daygame arsenal to display ma attractiveness. At the same time I need to preserve whatever changes in my vibe and mindset happened lately.

Your mind will help you achieve your goals. If you just want to get more numbers – numbers is what you’ll get. Focus on getting more interactions that are solid (resulting in more dates).

And I’m talking about quite a shift in my thinking. I no longer feel the need to go home after getting my first number of the day as it was the case for the last few years. Usually I felt like I’ve done my work but now I’m ready to go for more. It’s very engaging feeling. I don’t need to prove anything to myself anymore and hence I can just approach on a whim regardless of perceived outcome. And because of that I approach far quicker, I act on most IOIs and – surprise, surprise – have fun.

In the past I sometimes cut short the session if my stats went down (many approaches without a number). Now I’m doing it only when my vibe isn’t right. If I’m having fun then I know the results will come. I can daygame far longer without feeling cast down.

Stats are both blessing and a curse. You have to know how is your progress but they can get inside your head discouraging you from “messing the stats”. Be aware whether you’re approaching to seduce girls or to improve your ratios.

As for other unexpected side effects – I need less approaches to get a number but because I’m going after girls in all sorts of situations (including high pressure, fast walking girls, girls waiting for a bus) I often have to close much quicker than I’d like. And in those situations I fall back to the Facebook close which I shouldn’t be doing so often as those are always the weaker leads. I’d rather have 5 solid numbers than 20 weak Facebook connections.

And because those closes are weaker the number to date ratio went down. But what’s surprising is that date to lay ratio went up. There is still not enough data to go to conclusions as to why but it’s enough for me to pursue this path for a few more months.

tddaygame picking up a girl in Prague

More action, Prague 2015.

Two numbers each day (or zero if the day sucks)
– it’s not happening every single day but these days are far more frequent last monthsI’ve never could make myself approach a girl I’m not fond but going after more girls without any sort of fear (of rejection, of messing up my stats) meant that I was approaching wider variety of girls. That includes some really hot ones and some unpolished diamonds. I’ve yet to be disappointed.

To sum it up, how are my expectations versus the reality so far?

  • More flakes as some of the numbers will undoubtedly be forced – that’s true
  • More dates. Because I’m aiming at doubling the amount of numbers per month – there will be more girls to choose from – that’s not true
  • More lays. When it comes to numbers game – I will find more eager and “yes” girls – that’s true so far but I need more data
  • Getting rid of “I already have a number I can go home” excuse – that’s almost completely gone.

I expected to more than double my results (lays, dates) and double the amount of numbers. I’m not there yet but I clearly see light in that tunnel. We’ll see in the upcoming months.

Now that I’m (almost) not caring about stats, having (way more) fun and doing more approaches I need to focus on the interactions. I know I’m capable of being more solid. The way I do daygame now is higher energy and everything happens much quicker. I need to tune it down little bit. Keep the mindset changes but bring back the professional daygamer.

And then I’ll probably write more on that topic.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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