Field Report – Textbook Long Game Lay

A fancy drink.

That was a long one! And a perfect example that you need to balance attraction, seduction and rapport. But let’s start at the very beginning.

I approached her in a shopping mall, quite unusual for me but nothing really out of ordinary. She was one of those small and cute girls with high pitched voice. She had black curly hair and an innocent face. But she couldn’t fool me – she had a tattoo on her forearm and quite a few earrings. Still, the first impression was that she’s cute and very young.

It wasn’t my best day and I hesitated a bit but decided to at least find out how young she is (tricking my mind into believing it’s not a real approach). It turned out she is a student and judging from her eyes I could only assume I’ve made quite an impression. She was Polish but was studying in the Ukraine for reasons which suggested she’s got her life under control. She even mentioned living in London for a while (independent, adventurous!). Unfortunately she was on her way to Ukraine. Damn. It was a short conversation so I decided for Facebook close (both for the long game and easier DHVs).

If you have a good, masculine Facebook profile there’s nothing fundamentally wrong in Facebook closing. Those leads are weaker, so do that only if the chat is short or you want to long game her.

Our back and forth on Messenger lasted for few weeks. I was trying to find out some common interests and there were two major ones: working out (she’s into that) and travelling (she couldn’t do it as much as she’d like but during those weeks she visited Kiev and I was in Brussels). Later on she said that “she likes the feeling of freedom that motorcycle riding gives” and we had a third common topic as I was changing a bike then.

So our chats were very rapportish at first with a bit of DHV on both sides. I could see she wanted to impress me and was impressed by my life. Good thing I’ve done my homework sorting myself out. When I found out she will be back in Poland for Easter I decided to spike things up. Those were little things: I asked her to send me a pic of her side tattoo (which she did); I sketched our crazy evening when we’ll finally meet (she played along); I topped that with a compliment or two so she was sure I find her attractive.

The whole “long game” lasted for nearly 50 days. We were chatting every 3-6 days and conversations were typically 10-20 messages long, save for some variations.

A fancy drink.

Drinks. Perfect excuse for a date, way better than a coffee. The fancier the drinks – the better.

I set up a date right after the Easter holidays so there should be enough time for a second date if things didn’t work out well. I was pretty sure that this is going to be a smooth first date lay but as usual not everything went as planned.
At first she pushed the date by half an hour, not a big deal, but she also tried to change the place where we were supposed to meet. After a little banter about that she snatched the frame and asked me to come pick her up. “Lose the battle to win the war” I said to myself and told her to wait there for me. As I was daygaming at that exact spot it really wasn’t inconvenient but it just was her being bitchy.

She was late, of course, so she got the usual punishment of buying me first round which she did (always a good sign). She was as cute as I remembered and dressed nicely in tight black clothes. Not to mention that she had really strong gaze. I was getting horny though still had mixed expectations.

She drank her drink much quicker that I was used to and even pointed out that I’m behind. Damn, another good sign. We jumped to the second venue as I hoped it would be more quiet there. Unfortunately there was some kind of party and it was both loud and crowded. No way I could escalate in that place. We ordered a really nice drinks and while drinking, talking and staring into each other’s eyes I could feel the sexual tension growing.

The thing that got me out of that situation were some pictures of me which she said she’d like to see. I wasn’t used to that tempo as we were somewhat more than hour into the date. I decided that I need to act on that as it was a perfect reason to bounceback to my place. It was still early, raining, the venue was loud – she could have picked any excuse she wanted. Fortunately, she just followed my lead into the taxi.

Short ride and we were back at mine. I opened a wine, played some drums and then – relaxed – we went to see those pictures. As far as DHV go shirtless pictures of my muscles taken by a professional with great lighting did the job. She wanted to find out if they weren’t photoshopped and we seamlessly went to kissing and touching each other.

Stack of old photos.

Pictures. As good a bounceback excuse as stamps collections. You don’t need anything out of this world.

We moved to the bed, started to make out but it was a constant push-pull on both sides. I could feel that there’s something missing and she’s not ready to sleep with me even though she really wants it. After another session of hands-in-pants I pushed, went to the bathroom and started to think. What could I do? What was the last ingredient? I placed my bet on comfort.
When I went back it got sensual rather than sexual so I started to say all that cheesy stuff about how it’s weird that we feel so natural and comfortable around each other. “It shouldn’t be that way – it’s too fast” – I expressed her feelings for her. She agreed that she’s feeling great with me. That was cue for one of the oldest trick in the book.

I said “Listen, I’m having great time this evening and I don’t want it to end. We’re both adults so if you promise to behave well, you can sleep here tonight. I’ll give you a t-shirt and a towel.”  or something to that effect. She accepted the offer, took a shower and came back in t-shirt and panties. At that point game was played in the comfort so I took my time in the bathroom. When I came back I kissed her goodnight and turned off the lights.

Of course there was so much sexual tension built along the way that it had to find its way out. We started to make out right away. Clothes were thrown away and there was no resistance other than single remark that “I was the one that told her to behave”! We had great, nasty sex that night and then a repeat in the morning.

There was absolutely no awkwardness. She liked me, I liked her. I could tell that it wasn’t totally new to her but she still wanted to feel a connection, hence all the talk about us feeling good around each other was necessary. We’ve made some plans for when I come to Ukraine and she left. We’re still in contact so it seems that it’s not going to be a one night stand.

From that story you could clearly see that all the rapport was done on-line. Compliments and spikes were needed for me not to fall into the friendzone but I think anything overtly sexual would scare her off. On the date I lost the first battle (she said she was afraid that I’m going to turn out to be an asshole cause of the way I tried to force the meeting place) but then everything was smooth. She showed me that she’s willing to follow my lead. If not for my past experiences I’m sure there still was a way to fuck that up.

This time however everything was fine. I really like stories like that cause they show you that seduction really is a skill. Sure, the girl was willing to fuck but it was because of properly executed long game. Sure, she probably came out on a date with sex in her mind but hitting a wrong note could ruin it in an instant. Sure, she came back to my place with zero resistance but then it wasn’t just a matter of undressing her (that wouldn’t work), her comfort was crucial.

Seduction, pickup, daygame, even long game – these are all skills, nothing more, and they can be learned.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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