Assumption Stories – The Weapon Of Choice

Girl reading a book.

Quick tip for the upcoming week straight from someone who realized what he has forgotten. It’s not surprising that even after few years into daygame you still can sometimes fuck up the basics. The more confident you feel the more you deviate from the model. It’s good cause you become more “natural” but sometimes you can go wrong way.

The ultimate goal is of course to throw the model out of the window and just go with the flow but the reality is that at that stage the model is already internalized. And you still need to consciously know what you’re doing when you fine tune it.

When you have issues with your dating don’t overanalyze your texting or approaches. The challenge is finding the part where the problem lies.

Everyone uses assumptions in everyday conversations more than they realize. We don’t interview each other, we communicate mostly using statements. Yet, while talking to a hot girl many guys feel the irresistible urge to rapid fire questions scaring and/or boring her. There’s a easy way out which of course require some work but you can practice it virtually with everyone.

Let’s consider assumptions. An assumption is a way of making someone invest into the conversation by not asking a question directly but rather answering it by ourselves in a twisted or funny way. So a boring “are you going shopping?” becomes “I bet you’re just about to max out your credit card on a crazy shopping spree”. A complete beginner might just assume “I bet you’re going shopping”. It’s still better than asking a question but whenever you can think of something unusual or at least vivid.

Those assumptions are the key to her interest in the Stacking section of the LDM approach. That is – you stack those assumption (mixing them with questions and general statements so you won’t look like a crazy cold reader) until you find one that hits. When she starts to play along transition to Vibing phase. By that I mean – focus on the successful topic but keep it light-hearted. Joke, banter, challenge but don’t jump to another subject. And keep her engaged.

One way to do this – and we finally arrive to today’s topic – are assumption stories. These are nothing else that inflated assumptions. They don’t have to be long but they do have to be visual and about her. You could expand the shopping example by adding “You will go back home with a dozen bags, stuff them all under your bed cause it’s the only space left and forget about them. And of course the very next morning you will face the horror – that you have nothing to wear. Or is this what happened today?”.

Assumption stories can be very easily started just by saying “I can imagine you doing something” or “I bet every time you do something it looks like”. That gets her attention – every girl is interested what others think about her and it’s even more true if she’s already interested in you.

Girl reading a book.

“Stories” as in “cool story, bro” not “once upon a time…”

Everything you do should be interweaved with masculine vibe. Your assumptions and stories should make her look like a little girl and not you like a weak boy.Talking like that every now and then shows your wit and silver tongue. But it does far more when you’re interacting with a girl. Those images, and the more vivid they are the better, affect her mood and emotions. This is the language she understands and accepts subconsciously. It also makes you stand out from the crowd as guys usually don’t talk like that. And it’s not just for the approach!

Why I realized that I was not using them enough lately? Cause on the last two dates I by accident (or subconsciously) was way more elaborate and storytelling than usual. I often depicted those girls in various situations and they loved it. You never should mix signals (“I find you attractive and I want to fuck you” being the single underlying message) but you can twist your appearance so she can’t pinpoint you. You can do that for example by becoming eloquent on occasion but generally being reserved.

I’m not saying to be an entertainer or a storyteller. While few rehearsed stories that display your value come in handy on dates in general the things I’m talking about aren’t long nor elaborate. These are few sentences that shows your different side and speaks directly to her feelings.

And things like that are always worth trying out for yourself.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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