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tddaygame picking up a Russian girl in Prague

More action is the number one advice when it comes to not getting enough lays, dates, numbers or really anything. It’s easier said than done and it can also be accomplished differently depending on level of experience.

For beginners more action is the best advice cause it frees them from overthinking. First 100-200 daygame sets are just the best way of internalizing the street dynamics. Learn from your mistakes but don’t care about failures. You will get where you want.

When the whole daygame concept is no longer an enigma it’s time for even more action. Guys that get 1 number out of 10 approaches per week ask how can they get more dates. Well obviously they need to look back at their interactions for reasons of low success ratio (record and review, ask a coach for help) but at the same time if they just did twice as many approaches in a single week I’m more than sure they’d get more than 2 numbers.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be working on your skills. But do it on the go.

It’s mostly about momentum. When you’re in the zone everything falls right into place and by trying more you hit it more often. That’s why sometimes you get 4 numbers out of 4 girls and all your interactions are just perfect. The next time you’re expecting the same results and they just happen – because you’re high on success. Sure, many girls will flake because being in the zone you get numbers from girls that aren’t really that interested (you’re making such an impression on them that they just can’t resist).

To be honest, there are also days where after 10 approaches you’ve got squat and girls won’t even stop for you. Just go home, there’s no point in more action on that day.

I’m interested in more lays. And my 2015 stats aren’t quite optimistic about that. I would need to do about 1500 approaches to bed two girls a month. But that would also mean dating more than a hundred girls and I doubt I have time for that. But still – all of January I was focused on doing more approaches and I failed miserably.

tddaygame picking up a Russian girl in Prague

More action, Prague 2015 and my first foreign number farming. Russian minute in progress.

There were also those awful rainy, sick days where I returned home with no numbers and strengthened resolve to get my shit straight the very next day.”Doing more approaches” isn’t a smart goal. It’s not quantifiable nor specific. It’s hard to count one’s self accountable for doing “more”. So in February I changed my goal. Tom Torero said many times that in the beginning he was going out every day to get a single number. That gave me an idea. I was getting more or less a number a day. So if I just focused on getting two numbers per day surely I’d do more approaches. And with more numbers there should come more lays, right?

Well so far this experiment is working nicely. Most of the cold February days were successful in the numbers department. I usually end a session with two contact details. I got rid of that awful feeling of accomplishment after first number that totally killed my vibe in the past. I can go for more closes in one day which is what I was trying to do in 2015.

Sure, more girls will flake as I’m now focused on closing but at the same time sheer number of, well, numbers will allow me to filter the girls more and choose those more promising for the dating pipeline.

So what I expect in the upcoming weeks?

  • Two numbers each day (or zero if the day sucks).
  • More flakes as some of the numbers will undoubtedly be forced.
  • More dates. Because I’m aiming at doubling the amount of numbers per month – there will be more girls to choose from.
  • More lays. When it comes to numbers game – I will find more eager and “yes” girls.
  • Getting rid of “I already have a number I can go home” excuse.

I expect to more than double my results (lays, dates) that way even though I will be only doubling the amount of numbers. I don’t think there is a linear correlation between those two – being more open, approaching on a whim and focusing on working the quality numbers should be the thing my daygame lacked.

Judging from what already happened in February I doubt that I’ll manage to increase the numbers of approaches as instead of doing more I’m just more effective. I guess that’s should be the way now. It’s the time of refinement.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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reign - 2016-04-11

Having number closes as a goal is an interesting idea. I can see both sides of it. On one hand, having a tangible goal like specific number of approaches is a good thing. It's easier to hold yourself accountable as you get more and more tired in the session. On the other hand, like you mentioned, many of the number closes will feel forced. I don't generally number close girls I don't have a good vibe with. I'm not saying that's a good thing, in fact, I can image that I lose a tiny percent of prospects that turn out to be viable.

Personally I have most trouble doing enough approaches. Earlier this year I was sticking to Tom's 10/10/10/20 strategy with some success but since then have started slipping on it, I have however been approaching with consistency every week, ranging from 15 to 40 approaches per week. I'm now participating in Tom's 10×10 challenge and hoping to strengthen my resolve to push through the 10 approaches every time I'm out. Interesting to see what happens.

p.s. found your blog via Tom's podcast. Interesting journey.

tddaygame - 2016-04-13

I've posted the second part to the "more action" series: http://blog.tddaygame.com/2016/04/more-action-redux.html, hopefully third (and last) will be about tremendous successes.

BTW I've never been able to do 10/10/10/20. I'm doing 60-90 approaches per month, almost all of them after work. That's enough for me not to feel burned out very often. And daygaming (mostly) in once city gives me time to work on the leads.


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