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It’s the beginning of 2016, time of recaps and stats. Tom Torero is talking about keeping score on his podcast. Nick Krauser as per last few years posted his 2015 stats with detailed analysis. Many people are obsessed with “how many girls have you laid this year” question. Me too, and even though I try to focus on becoming better than 1000 approaches ago not many things have changed for me.


There are so many dirty things that could be used as a caption to this picture…

But what’s changed? I began my transition from playing nice to playing fast. That included faster escalation, pushing for bouncebacks more and even change in my clothing. In that journey I’ve encountered the r/K wilderness where I’m not yet “r” enough for fast lays yet I’m already too much of a bad boy to play the boyfriend role. I’ve definitely had more first day lays but at the same time even more girls went silent after first date. There’s still much to improve in my dating as it’s still my Achilles heel and that’s one of three main goals for 2016.

Oh, and I got my shit together when it comes to texting. I went from being “ok” to feeling really confident and being more consistent with my results. All the help I’ve given others with their texting tremendously helped me. I now subconsciously ask myself all the critical questions before sending a text to a girl. If anything should be different in 2016 then I would address my overuse of smiley’s. That’s a minor point though.

Approach to number ratio is better (3,97 approaches per number in 2014; 3,54 in 2015) as I’ve started to fall back to Facebook more often (especially during shorter interactions). My FB profile is better and it allows to (re)build some attraction later. All in all I’ve done 825 approaches in 2015 – most of them single walking/shopping girls. Time to move on to two-sets, cafes and high pressure situations. But the biggest challenge will be to approach more per session. I usually do 3-5 sets after work. I want to achieve double digits per session (even if it means doing less sessions per week). That would be second goal for 2016.

Back to stats. I’ve dated roughly the same number of girls and went on a similar number of dates. That’s 59 different girls in 2016 – more than one new hot bird every week! Sadly I’ve slept with only 11 of them (19% success ratio) and that’s definitely due to r/K wilderness and me pushing for fast sex not smoothly enough. I’ll give myself 6 more months pursuing that path and then maybe I’ll try to tone down the tempo. Sleeping with more girls is the third main goal for this new year just after sorting out my dating and approaching more.

What’s worse? Percentage of numbers that I convert to dates went down slightly (25% in 2015). That means more flakey numbers and there’s a reason for that. I got even better at closing girls that weren’t that much into me. I can talk them into giving me their contact details even if I know it will be a flake. I should filter more and focus on building stronger rapport with girls that are attracted to me. I also forgot about “being genuinely interested in other people” and that results in more flakes.

I’ve slept with 4 additional girls that weren’t daygamed (met on a trip; nightgame; party/social circle; pure social circle). With the exception of nightgame lay those wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for my daygame skills. Attracting girls from social circle is so much easier now. However, those four girls were of a lesser quality than those met on the streets of Warsaw. They weren’t bad for sure but I’m spoiled right now. And I know that there is no better way for me to fuck hot girls than daygame.

tddaygame's 2015 stats

I’m serious about keeping daygame score (non-daygame girls not included above). That are just the monthly aggregates.

For those keeping score: I needed 121 approaches to get laid in 2014 and that was down to not-so-stunning 75 approaches per single lay in 2015. So yeah, I’m getting better but not as fast as I’d like.

Goals for 2016 are sketched above. I will definitely be writing more and when it stop being minus million degrees outside I’ll think about recording some infields. Other than that I’m definitely doing more coaching. So far it’s been both fun and useful for me too. None of the guys I taught were hopeless and they all enjoyed it.

If I sound disappointed then it’s an unfortunate byproduct of winter. Research shows that men declare average 7 or 11 (depending on studies) sexual partners in a lifetime. I’ve slept with 15 girls last year so no disappointment there. I thought that 2000 approaches would be enough to become pure r-selected fuckmachine but that’s not the case. People don’t joke when they say it’s a constant struggle and emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes you are king of the world and sometimes girls don’t even stop for you. I expect 2016 not to be different in that regard but I also expect more lays, more travels and definitely – more crazy adventures.


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Anonymous - 2016-04-16

whats does app/no , no/girl and Fcs mean?

tddaygame - 2016-04-16

Average approaches per number (On average I need to do 3,54 approaches – rounded up to 4 – to get a number); average numbers per new girl on a date (every ~4 numbers I take a new girl out); FC – fuck close (penetration – not just a blowjob or other sexual activities).

Suge Knight - 2016-04-18

Major props mah man! It's funny b/c guys who don't go out, and thus don't get girls, would frown upon only laying 15 girls out of 2,000 spproaches, but that's just the nature of this stuff. Girls are flaky as hell and 15 lays in a year is more than 99% of dudes out there.

tddaygame - 2016-04-19

That's 15 girls out of 825 approaches + a few social/nightgame events. These are just the stats for 2015. But yeah, those who don't go out have a very distorted idea of what it looks like.

valen taha - 2017-01-19

do you think you have enough data to draw conclusions about which months are best for daygame? the data sugegst summer months are many times better than winter months, is that just coincidence?

tddaygame - 2017-01-19

It depends on the city. For example in Warsaw a lot of people (and most students) are gone during summer. Winter sucks only if it’s really cold. I’d say it’s still not enough data.


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