Daygaming Abroad

It’s been another trip this year to an European capital and another round of daygame and sightseeing. Well – sort of.

I don’t remember who said those words but “daygamers are crappy tourists”. My experiences are in line with this – good tourists are crappy daygamers. So I’m writing this post both to myself and to you to remind you about the most important thing while doing anything: goals.

You should have 3 or 4 life goals that ¬†you’d put in order. That makes everything easier when considering any alternative. You just ask yourself “Which option will help me with more important goal?” and act accordingly. Sometimes it’ll mean doing something against your will but we’re big boys. We always choose long term satisfaction over instant gratification.

But when it comes to travels you really should have only one goal. Ask yourself “do I want to hook up with some hot girl from foreign country or maybe I just want to have fun and really experience the city I’m in”?

There are no alternatives. I’ve tried to do both simultaneously and failed. I promised myself that I’m just going to see some famous places and then do the daygame. But somehow the former always takes more time than it should. Then you are in a situation where you had a large meal, few beers and walked 20 kilometers on a single day. You want a nap. Then it’s already the evening and maybe you want to go for that pub crawl. Or whatever you want to do in the evening. Then you wake up the next they thinking “I’m just going to see this and that and then I’m doing some hardcore daygame”. Yeah, right.

Don’t kid yourself. If you want to travel just for the sake of travelling – do this as you should be doing this. Everyone should travel. Approach any nice girl you encounter but have zero expectations as to getting a new lay.

If you want to do daygame abroad – be ruthless. Approach like crazy at least for the first few days. Then you can relax and even maybe do some sightseeing. But especially day one and day two should be all about approaching, getting shitload of numbers and working them out. Yes, that means that you may have few dates each consecutive day and you won’t see much of that beautiful city you’re in. But it’s the only way if you really really want to get laid.

I won’t judge anyone. Travelling is fun. New places are exciting and I just can’t let opportunities to see this and that go to waste. Hence my daygame abroad is usually crappy. And while I do few approaches every day at home that means I’m just not used to doing 20+ in one day. I have to work it out and maybe change my schedule to include intensive daygame sessions. I could then act like that when abroad.

That’s also why I plan to revisit some places I’ve already been to and try to game them hardcore. Because that’s the other way of doing daygame abroad – revisit. Use first trip to get yourself familiar with the place, find all the hot spots, work out logistics and of course explore the city. Then come back with a single goal in your mind: daygame.

But whatever you do I can’t recommend enough those two activities: travelling and daygame. They both make you grow.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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