Unusual Field Report – Long Game Yes Girl

I’m not the best when it comes to long text game, however this case is exceptional in so many ways I’d like to share. As I always say – field reports should benefit the reader and not just be an ego-pumping show off.

The street stop here was textbook. I stopped her in the center of the city, she was a cute little girl. Quite short but great legs. She smiled a lot, we had few things in common so there was not a single moment of silence. She was eager, asking question and really investing. Sparkling eyes, long gazes – we really hit off in a second. Then came the problems – she was in a relationship but not in a happy one. I pushed for a number close and she declined as she’s not handing her number to strangers (yeah, right). I joked that we already introduced ourselves so we’re not strangers. Then I asked her how to find her on Facebook. She had no problem with that so I’ve send her a friend request now and then and continued to talk, making some future projections on how we’re going to meet. She was optimistic, funny and what I consider a solid lead.

And now we get into our Messenger history which is quite extensive even though not that many messages were exchanged.

Short “meet & greet”, she replied to my messages but there wasn’t much to follow up.

Graphic ping and my first attempt at inviting her out. “I’m not looking for a new boyfriend. Not yet”. countered by “I’m not looking to replace your boyfriend”. She asked if this is going to be a casual meet up to which I replied “You’ll never know what can happen. But I warn you: if you want to get me drunk and take advantage of me… then know I have weak head. ;)”. That was both sexual and light, she almost agreed but she wasn’t in Warsaw. Bummer.

In the meantime I’ve sent graphic pings but to no avail. On that day I used one of my “final” messages. She replied but the conversation was short. At least I knew she’s alive and keen enough to reply when pushed.

Few stickers later we had another solid conversation (all in all 40 minutes on Messenger but again – not that many messages). I tried to set up a date but this time she confessed that she’d broken with her boyfriend and she’s kind of seeing someone right now. I checked if it’s anything serious (it wasn’t) and convinced her to meet. In the end she literally said “Fuck it, let’s meet”. Unfortunately we were unable to agree on a specific date.

Another short conversation that died.

For the last three weeks it was a mixture of graphic pings, her short replies or text pings without any reaction. I could feel that lead was dying if not already dead. I’ve managed to spike up interesting conversation while on vacation putting some life into that non-relationship. Still I thought it’s a lost cause.

This time after another stickers exchange I decided to push a little more as it worked before. I confronted her about missing our time for cool drinks as the summer’s already done. She said that she currently have no time to spare. Well, let me know when you have some, girl.

After 16 days I’ve sent her a picture from London. No response.

Suprise, suprise. She messaged me: “In this stressful time I think I want to go out sometimes. Do you know any good place for a drink? :)”. That change in attitude can only mean something in her life’s changed. Game is once again on. I tried to meet with her on the same evening but failed. She’s a busy girl and we’ve settled for a Sunday instead.

A graphic ping from me with a little bit of DHV to get her even more curious and then… I pushed the date one day to the future (to Monday). It wasn’t a deliberate flake on my part. On Sunday I wanted to meet a girl I was already sleeping with to keep her on rotation. The girl from this report eagerly agreed to meet on Monday. I forced a place next to my home as I felt that it could be a first date lay.

The horror. She wrote few lengthy messages on Messenger and even texted me to make sure I read them. That could mean only one thing: flake. And it did. She apologized in length, explained that she’s tired and that place I’ve chosen is so far away that she won’t make it. But she didn’t want to postpone it so she invites me over instead. “Not for sex, though. Don’t get any ideas”. Well I know that if a girl says “no sex” that mean the thought of it already crossed her mind.

At first I rejected that idea. It sounded too good to be true given our “history” but also because it would mean a long ride and I wanted to be nice and fresh the next day. Then she asked and pleased and texted me her address. It was unusual – she really wanted me to come over. I explained that I’d need to take my motorbike and then I couldn’t even have a drink… unless she had a couch for me to sleep on. I wanted to check how serious this was. Also if I came by bike and had a drink she couldn’t just send me home. “Couch” was only an excuse for her. She wasn’t hesitating for long and after asking if I’m not a crazy person agreed to sleep me over. Wow, that doesn’t happen very often. But when it does you should never waste an opportunity like that. That thought actually popped into my mind – I was afraid of such an easy success and also… afraid that I might fuck this up. But it wasn’t a time for unnecessary worries. I took a wine from a fridge, put on my clothes, grabbed some condoms and other important things for a sleepover and off I went.

We were literally laughing as we met. Yeah, it was unusual and we both acknowledged that but the situation wasn’t feeling weird at all. We were getting along really naturally and it was as promising as could be. Just don’t fuck up anything!

She had a male flatmate but being a nice bro I haven’t seen him even once. Other flatmates (girls) were absent. We started to drink wine while talking about boring stuff, smiling and joking a lot. Mind you – she had seen me once 2,5 months ago and invited me for the night so I had to push the comfort. I can only imagine that attraction was as high as it could be at the moment. In the beginning of the night we addressed the situation and agreed that it’s her fault that I’m at her place. I joked that we already know each other for nearly three months (that long from Facebook close to our first “date”) so everything is ok. She took that bait. I could announce that “we only saw each other for 10 minutes so far” was no longer a problem.

Logistics were perfect, the only thing to comfortably sit on was her bed. We quickly finished the wine then she made us some drinks as we talked more and sit closer to each other. Kiss took her by suprise but she welcomed it. We were touching more and more (hands, tights, hair) but no more kissing as we fell back into comfort/rapport talk. Plus a little bit of hugging as she was a cuddly girl. Throw to the mix some future projections because I wanted her to feel that this isn’t going to be an one night stand.

Finally I decided enough is enough – let’s go to sleep. She suggested that I take the mattress but I cuddled her once again and whispered into her ear that it would be much more comfortable this way (that is – cuddled). “And I really don’t have to go any further”. – I added to give her a good excuse. As she was thinking about it I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I came back there was no sign of mattress and she said that she will trust me and let me sleep in her bed.

As you can probably imagine few seconds after the lights went off kissing started and then progressed to heavy makeout, foreplay and sex. Afterwards she even thanked me for coming over. My pleasure.

In the morning we still were in that weird bubble we created. Some kissing, patting and getting ready for work. She walked me to the bike and off we went. Later that day the regret struck back. “I’m not like that”, “I’ve never done thing like that”, etc. I calmly explained to her that’s normal and even if it was unexpected (yeah, right) she should enjoy this but first she should get some sleep. Later that day she thanked me once again for the evening and the night so I guess she was fine. I don’t have to rub her face into the fact that she just slept with a guy she barely knew. Besides I’m really not a fan of one night stands and the girl is cool enough for having her around.

The next problem with her was the next time. She didn’t want to come over to my place, she wanted to meet on a neutral ground. This time special flavor of logic did the trick. I explained that it’s so great that we don’t have to pretend any more that we don’t want to jump each other. And she wants to pretend that we haven’t had sex? What for? Of course we started fast but that’s not the reason for going back. We should enjoy where we are. She couldn’t find a way out of this argument (cause there is none) and agreed that it’s fast but welcomed. “And I can now just say if I want to have sex with you! ;)” she added. You’re welcome to do so.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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