Another Kind Of Field Report – A Week In Daygamer’s Dating

Welcome to another field report. This time – a glimpse on an intermediate daygamer’s life (that is – mine). One week, seven days, seven dates. Care to know the results? Read on.

In addition to what’s below I’ve of course made few daygame sessions. I was warming up after vacation: talked to 15 girls and got 3 numbers. Way below the average of 3.44 approaches per number for 2015 so far. As you can see everything was kind of below average that particular week. And I even have an idea why’s that.


That was day 5 (fourth date) with that girl! The approach was from an IOI – she smiled and then looked back at me so I leaped into the action. Of course it was smooth and quite lengthy. However I misjudged her age and eagerness. She was younger than I thought and was hesitant to bouncing back to my place on our first date. Fast forward few meets later and there she is. We made out a lot those times she was at my place but I couldn’t get anything more out of her. This was going to be her last chance.

We’ve met outside a cinema which was her suggestion but I knew I’m not going to see a movie with her. After learning that she already had few beers with her friends we walked to my place. Thankfully I had some pictures from my vacation so switching to bedroom was natural. Things escalated pretty quickly up to point where my hand was in her pants.

And just like every other time with that girl she decided in her mind not to have sex with me. I could write quite a story about whole on/off, escalating, kissing, touching and doing many other things that happened that night. The bottom line is that she once again left my place horny and with strengthened resolve not to sleep with me “that fast”.

I might have pushed too hard but I knew this was going to be the last date so I had nothing to lose.


Girl from Tuesday was a quite shy little redhead. We’ve met twice before (or thrice if you count the approach). Our first date was pretty standard in terms of the model save for the lack of kiss close. But no due the lack of trying. However, she agreed to meet me at my place for a dinner (second date). It was a mixture of rapport and comfort with finally getting a kiss close from her. She kept saying that she takes things slowly but to no surprise she’d agreed to come to my place once again.

So there we are – drinking wine, chatting and staying in the bedroom. Things quickly moved onto the bed but even though we kissed on our previous date it seemed that she took a mental step back. There was a lot of work establishing intimacy but once on – it was on. Girl was horny but kept saying that she likes to control her life and things “like that” (i.e. sex) she takes slowly. Agree and continue that was all I was doing, occasionally backing off to make a drink or something like that.

We fooled around for a very long time. I suggested that she could stay but she gave a weak no. That didn’t stop her from turning me on and even pulling out my dick. I was getting so many mixed signals and I was afraid that she could be some kind of control freak. She wasn’t a freak but I realized that even though she’d let me touch her all over the place sex is not going to happen today. Once again I played the “stay for the night, we don’t have to have sex” card and failed. She was going home.

I walked her to the bus stop asking her about her motives. Usually you shouldn’t do that but that girl is very down to earth. She said that she needs time but she can see this working out. Fine by me, that means that I’m going to play the lover role instead of sport fuck.


This time it’s not a daygame girl, I met her through my social circle. She’s a little bit older than me and married. I’ve decided that I’m going to put my seduction skills to evil use. If you know game then everything is so much smoother with girls you already know. I tried to seduce her twice (the first time I put an idea in her mind; second time I escalated hardly but to no result; on the other hand she wanted to LJBF me but didn’t succeed – idea of a fling was already there). This was third time.

Considering timeline and me seeding an affair not that long ago I was curious how far she’d go. Vacation time helped a little as we exchanged some pictures and build more rapport. We were making mulled wine (thanks to the cold weather) and getting progressively more drunk. Some barriers were broken – kissing, fooling around, even fingering but nothing more as it was – in her mind – too much too fast.

She also hinted that she can’t do affairs as she’s “rather binary” – either her husband or someone else! Suggesting a relationship knowing my lifestyle and being married? Get yourself together girl! And I hardly doubt that she’s not considering having an affair. She messaged me from the taxi back home that she have a lot to think about. We’re about to see each other again.


Miss Thursday wasn’t really a Miss. The girl was plain but kinda cute, definitely below what I’m used to. Yet, she had great body, so why not. Her history was funny too: I asked her out two months ago, she agreed, then flaked saying that she’s in a new relationship. And yet, few weeks later she messaged me the traditional “What’s up?”. Needless to say the invite was super easy.

So we meet Thursday evening. She’s not as good as I remembered, body is great though. We’re going to a cafe first for some mulled wine and to do some comfort/rapport. I can clearly see that she’s into me. She’s joking about getting drunk and gives a ton of IOIs. It could be an easy lay but… she was the most boring girl I’ve ever met. She couldn’t hold conversation, had no hobbies, no interest and even is living with her parents (at the age of 26-27). So basically I was there with an ok looking girl with nice body who was boring me to death. I quickly started throwing hints about things I have to do that evening. Then we finished our first drinks and I ended the date.


Let’s call that particular girl Princess Friday. Why? I’ve dated her once a year ago or so. She was messaging me from time to time on Facebook especially after I’ve thrown some good photos there. She was young (20) girl obsessed with finding a rich guy to marry (at that age!). Despite that all my attempts at spicing the conversation were well received and she did play along.

Why I had only one date with her? It’s obvious. That little princess was flakey as fuck. So I’ve stopped all attempts to take her out and waited for an opportunity. It presented itself when she tried to get me out shopping (WTF?). I asked why me and she replied that I invited her to wine bar once but she doesn’t drink (yeah, right) and the conversation just died. Ok, let’s go for a hummus instead (she had no idea what hummus is; that’s really not my usual type of girl).

Date was confirmed on Wednesday and as you probably can guess she flaked. I was fully expecting that given her history and the way that week was going.


Saturday was a rollercoaster. I had a date set up with a flakey girl and (as an alternative) party that I could go to. Girl flaked, friend that was dragging me to the party had to work so I decided to burn my old leads trying to set up a date on the same day. I’ve got few dates out of this and even – surprise, surprise – one for Saturday.

The girl in question was one of the most enthusiastic gals I’ve encountered. The street stop was long and we hit off immediately. I think she did mention being in a relationship but it didn’t seem serious. She was tall and cute with a hint of alternative. We’ve texted for over a month! At first she wasn’t in Warsaw, then I was on a vacation. But finally we’ve met. And she was even nicer than I remembered.

The evening was great, we really did get along despite her being 7 years younger. Interests, vibe – everything was similar between us. Maybe it wasn’t sexual enough at first but I ramped up the vibe in the second venue. Unsuccessful kiss close popped the bubble and she realized that this is getting too real. Bounceback did not happen despite my lead but she wanted to go to another venue. I called it an evening and going home we discovered that we live not far from each other. We agreed that the next date will be somewhere closer.

As of now – we’re still texting and trying to match our schedules for another date.


We revisit Miss Tuesday. During the week we’ve contacted twice (Wednesday, Saturday) and agreed to go to a dinner. This girl was sexual enough but there was still a piece missing so I took a wild guess and thought about building more comfort. A nice dinner date and bounceback to my place overtly saying that I expect her to stay over should work.

None of this happened. Dinner was canceled due to minor health issues but she hinted that she can’t do anything more than lay down. That works for me, so I invited her over telling her to bring work clothes for Monday so she can sleep at my place. She agreed without any resistance. Great!

We’ve spent some time talking, watching music videos and drinking wine, switched to bedroom (with minor escalation) and then decided to go to sleep. The real escalation started when the light went off. Unfortunately once again she was defensive even when I was fingering her. I don’t know how much time we’ve spent on that battle (constant on/off and going to sleep then escalating). Finally after some talking about her doubts (that she’s going to get attached) she asked two questions. First one was the question everyone want to hear – “Do you have condoms?”. Second was more of a statement – she wanted it rough. Really rough. Even told me where she’d like to get the cum.

Unfortunately after that many hours, alcohol, exhaustion I was unable to get my dick hard enough. And as usually when there’s a little stress – there’s always the girl saying “I want you inside me now”. And it’s not helping. A blowjob was the key but unfortunately (once again) she was too good at sucking my dick and didn’t stop even when I told her to. So a BJ was all that I’ve got, hoping that we can close the deal after I get some sleep. As you can probably guess from the ongoing theme: sex in the morning wasn’t even an option. I’ve missed my window.

So yeah, that’s worse near miss of my career so far. One hard dick was everything I needed to fuck her. We’re still in touch so I guess it’s going to happen but not in a true PUA, r-selected style.

Final outcomes

I know you are interested how it all went after that bloody week. Let’s see:

  • Monday – I’ve stopped texting her after that and of course never heard from her again.
  • Tuesday – see Sunday.
  • Wednesday – we’ve had drunk sex few weeks later.
  • Thursday – of course she was texting me for the next two days. Call me not interested.
  • Friday – this was entertaining but she is no longer on my contact list.
  • Saturday – we did met, bounced back to mine, had a nice and long makeout and even agreed to continue next time; she needed to be reassured that everything is ok and she shouldn’t feel weird despite being in “sort of relationship”. This is stil pending. Logistics is a bitch.
  • Sunday – we’ve slept together few days later (the next time we’ve met).


You can guess that’s not my perfect week. There were many mistakes, even my dagame journal is full of notes to myself. While it’s never as you see in the videos, well, not all the time, this was different. The key mistake on my part was being to horny. I haven’t had new lay in few weeks and I was obsessed with getting one. I knew that, my friends told me that. And believe it or not it shows in your vibe, nonverbals and even verbals (even though I was sleeping with two girls during that time).

Everything changed few days later as I slept with Miss Tuesday. And the next new lay happened another few days later. I was more relaxed, in the moment and just having fun instead of pushing for a lay. This is hard to overcome as there is nothing you can change directly in your actions. Goals need to be changed and maybe vibe will follow. Or you have to constantly remind yourself to take it as it is and have more fun out of it. Normally I’d suggest otherwise – to focus on the final goal (getting laid) for example while talking to a girl on the street. This time I needed to relax and go with the flow (still thinking about sex but also about everything else that was happening).

Struggles like that are normal – there are periods where you just sleep with girls left and right and there are weeks like this when you ask yourself “why bother?”. I can tell you why. Two years back I was learning daygame and didn’t even had a single date every week. This week, regardless of results, I’ve dated five really nice girls, including two I can’t describe other than “hot, young and tight”.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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