On Achieving Your Goals

I took quite a break from my writing due to two important events. This post is a warm up before I dive into more interesting topics but it also ties nicely to one of those events (the other one was just a vacation). Get ready for some pure mental masturbation.

I’ve recently finished my first marathon. It’s a goal I set up for myself not even a full year ago when I took up running. I was training and running events so it all could culminate in me not just finishing that course but also achieving desired time. The finish was exhausting and I couldn’t feel anything more than relief. That’s not to say I wasn’t happy. I was but most outbursts of genuine happiness came while I was running first twenty kilometers. I then realized that I will finish the race, no matter what. That I’m actually doing this – becoming a marathoner, achieving my goal.

It’s understandable that I use many running metaphors in describing daygame. Both these things can easily cause an injury (physical or psychological), require vast dedication and hours of training. And like I just described above achieving success won’t bring you happiness. It’s the road that’s most exciting and the realization that you’re achieving goal that you yourself set up. It was all you and now it pays off.

But what about not being happy in the end? Is success really meaningless? Of course not. Bedding another girl is a success nevertheless, but it’s not like you’re going to gloat after that. What you need, what all men need, are goals. That’s why I already started to think about running not one but two marathons next year, both of them faster than the first one. And then qualifying to the Boston Marathon. I need goals, clear and easy to see beacons which – when in doubt – will guide me.

Talk to some friends that are stuck in a rut. Ask them what they hope to achieve next. Most of them don’t have any real goals. They’re miserable, they don’t have anything worth fighting for, nothing drives them. It’s understandable that they just drink beer and watch TV – why should they do anything else? They’re comfortable yet unhappy.

Men need goals. I cannot stress that strong enough. Whether it’s running a marathon under 3 hours, getting laid with a different girl every month, pulling and fucking a girl from a nightclub, making real money by starting your own company, learning how to play that particular tune, becoming fluent with a different language or whatever you imagine – you need a goal. Concrete, measurable, achievable (and realistic).

And the same goes for my daygame. I have one clear goal set for 2015 regarding that. It isn’t about this blog or materials I’m producing. It’s about taking action and achieving something. It’s harder cause when it comes to human interactions you’re not the single factor. But you can always do more, train more and finish what you started. And this post serves two purposes. First – to tell to you that the most exciting part of any journey is getting there not actually being at your destination; after you arrive you immediately will start to look where to go next. It’s normal. Second – to remind myself of my current daygame goals. And while it is currently no bed of roses I can do some things to change that.

It’s not too late to set up a daygame goal for 2015. However, always remember to prioritize goals so you won’t have doubts. Staying lean is more important to me than any girl so I won’t skip a training for a date. I can move those around, replan them but skipping is not an option. Currently daygame is more important to me than learning new tunes so I spend more time on it than behind my drumset. I don’t waste any time thinking what to do next.

Make a list of your goals (no more than 3-4), prioritize and start achieving them. And replace each and every one with a new, more ambitious.

And stay tuned for upcoming “worst week in daygame” post.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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