Always Leave You Wanting More

There are some hard times when you do the same thing over and over and results aren’t getting better and better. Whether this is about daygame, working out or learning any new skill there are plateaus. One thing is overcoming them by sheer repetiton, learning from someone or analyzing your mistakes. The other one is how to stay sane during such times.

The important thing is to never let it go. You don’t stop the activity because you might have problem going back to it. Treat it like a mild sports injury. You wouldn’t stop all your trainings. You’d adjust the frequency and intensity. Same applies to daygame. Do less but still do something.

When you’re absolutely fucked and girls scream before you even open your mouth remember few things: this is only temporary, you will get better, you don’t need to constantly push yourself to the extremes. Recall your best times, realize that they will happen again. I always said to do at least one approach a day, even when you’re feeling low. Theory behind this is that sooner or later you’ll start getting some positive feedback (“yes girls”).

Now I’m a little bit wiser. I still do force myself even if I’m not feeling it. However, I’ve changed two things in my approach to approaching.

I do less when I’m feeling low. No pushing the limits, trying to overcome the bad streak with volume. Well, it’s bad. I am 100% sure that it’s not my skill that’s gone it’s just bad luck or what’s even more probable – lack of sleep. I go out, talk to few girls if it’s still bad – I go home. I don’t approach posh models, princesses, two sets on those days. Why would I?

After few days of that either results will go back to where they should be and/or I’ll start to think that I should do more. More sets, better vibe – all that comes back after each session when I think “I could’ve done more”.

If for few days all my results are bad that doesn’t bother me. However if I’m feeling low just doing daygame (stress, anxiety, tiredness) AND I’m getting subpar results that’s the time to stop. Not for long. 3-4 days, taking a weekend off, doing other activities. Maybe I’m already addicted but after two days I’m really missing the daygame. After three to four I’m longing it. By banning myself from approaching I’m creating a desire.

So the key here is to make myself feel a little bad about not doing enough while at the same time giving me some space to rest and reset. Take it easy and very soon you’ll start to think that you could (and should) do more. And better. This is the point when you simply want more.

That works with any activity you’re struggling with. Ease up but still practice. In short time you’ll want to do more and more. And you’ll be back on the right track. Never let it all go though (save for injuries/overtraining which require few days off). You still have to push yourself to do anything. But don’t beat yourself about doing so little, be glad that you’re doing anything.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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