Location, Location, Location – The Art Of Bounceback

Quick tip about bouncebacks from a plane heading back from Prague (BTW great city for both daygame and nightgame; and that’s coming from someone very much not into clubs).

Bounceback is taking a girl home from a date venue. It’s kind of an advanced move cause you have to sort out your approaches and dates first but it’s also something you should try to do every time you’re out with a girl.

Classic dating model suggest visiting two venues before trying to bounce back – first for comfort/attraction and second for attraction/seduction. In the second venue you should be seeding the bounceback by telling the girl about the reason(s) to go to your place. It can be a drink she absolutely has to try, an instrument you play or just because you are sitting outside and it’s getting cold.

Now ideally you already kissed her in the second venue, seeded the bounce and you can pull the trigger by saying “you know what – it’s not that late, we’re having a nice evening let’s do [whatever you seeded]”. Get up, exit the venue while still talking to her so she won’t have time to think about excuses, grab a cab, throw her inside and keep talking during the ride. If she asks where you are going be honest and tell her it’s your place. It’s not that easy with a cab but it can be done when the adventure tone is set properly.

What’s even better is having dating venues near your place. I’ve heard so much about that but I’ve never been able to try this until I’ve found an astonishing wine bar hidden literally three minutes from my place. It’s in an old factory – think bricks and ivy, cobblestones, hundreds of wine bottles scattered everywhere as it’s also a wine shop. It looks very exclusive and there are lot of people dressed up and foreigners sipping their wine. And you can see my home from there! Brilliant!

As it turns out bouncing with a “I live over there, let’s grab a bottle of wine and sit on the balcony” is ridiculously easy. I yet have to hear “no” for that. Of course you still can fuck things up back in your place but it’s a great start. The difference in vibe between “let’s take a cab to my place” and “let’s go over there” is tremendous. You really have to sell the cab good while a 3 minutes’ walk is so natural that it’s very hard to fuck up. That’s the recurring theme – whether it’s about conversation on the street, dating or just sex – when it feels natural it’s easy. And yes, bounceback can feel natural.

One thing I’m investigating right now is the level of kino needed to have a first date lay. My recent lays were unusual for me for two reasons. There were no kino (and no kiss close) up until my bed and there was only one venue involved before the bounceback. The venue itself and the proximity to my place gives as many reasons to bounce as possible. And I think the lack of kino only helps the girl feel safe. Still – remember to spike as she should be feeling some sexual tension!

The dating model calls for two venues up to five-ten minutes of walking apart. That approach surely does comfort nicely but it slows down the pace. It gives the feeling of “we’ve been here and there” (instead of “we know each other only for few hours!”) but also takes more time and the girl can tell that it’s “too late today”. The adventure bubble is always present when things are moving quickly but I think I can replicate that bubble with my “magical” venue, the surroundings and the wine-tasting activities. So until I know for sure I’d advise to stick to two venues model if you don’t have a place that may have such outstanding qualities. Even if both venues are near your place – that’s even better!

And for those of you that say “I don’t have any nice venues near my place to bounceback from” I can only say: do your research properly. Think about places you thought were too pricey, too posh or too trashy. Go and find out if they’re really so. In my case while they have expensive wines they also do have ones that are cheap enough. Try to adapt your dating to fit the spot, joke about poshiness or being totally out of place. Find an angle and use it.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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