I’ve Slept With Three Girls In The Last Seven Days

Actually the title is a little bit misleading as it suggests three new lays in one week. I’m not that good yet. However I did sleep with three different girls in the last seven days. One of those girls was a new lay. The others you can say are “plates” (the girls I’m seeing and sleeping with on a somewhat regular basis). All that from pure daygame. On top of that I’ve had another new lay few days before but that was a travel lay so I’m not counting it into my daygame successes. Still I don’t believe it would be possible without me doing daygame for last year and a half.

That was my short term goal – to have three girls that I’ve approached during the day that I’m seeing and sleeping with. One is pure fuck friend since January and she is married (think athletic blonde MILF). The other one I’ve layed last month and we saw each other few times so far. She’s quite shy, “out of a long relationship” girl that’s looking for something simple. Also she has a dirty side. Latest lay came only few hours after my plane landed back in Warsaw. She already was at my place once so her agreeing to come and drink “freshly imported wine” was a clear green light.

Important thing is that all those lays were (and are) r-selected. They all either asked about other girls in my life directly or are behaving like they suspect that. Now the topic is either buried or referred to only half-seriously in jokes (e.g. “do you have a toothbrush for every girl?”). That’s the real progress I’ve made. I’m now being accused of being the devil, player or being horny right from the very beginning. I don’t think you can make that change consciously without putting massive effort approaching, dating and sleeping with girls. It comes with an experience and can only be accelerated using proper guidance. Thankfully, the new London Daygame Model is oozing everywhere in the manosphere with all that free content that makes the grind easier.

I really don’t have simple explanation how to become more r-selected, direct, sexually threatening. I’d try to explore this in more detail in upcoming posts. As for now I noticed that all those little tips and lines and ideas that you include in your game changes you only so little. But if you are smart enough to expand on those tips and invent your own style, show more of your personality through the aggressive ways you’ve learned it really makes the difference. Almost all of us are too nice. Hence I’d never advise anyone to “be more yourself”. I always say “be more who you really want to be”. Once again – this is hard work and it means lots of pain, rejections and low points in your dating life.

But it pays off. Like every change you made in your life to improve yourself (working out, changing wardrobe, finding and practicing passion, traveling and of course – daygame) it can be hard but in the end it’s enormously fulfilling. Especially all those things combined can make you a happy person. I consider myself happy not only because of daygame but because of all my life. Definitely being better with girls helps.

I have 6 new “notches” this year 4 of which are from daygame. Half of all new lays happened in the last 30 days so I guess you can say that I’m on my high point. In the last three days I’ve made 15 approaches and got 7 numbers and 2 Facebook details. My calendar is full of dates with old and new girls. It’s important to remember that feeling (hence this post) as it’s not going to last long. Soon some of the numbers will go dead, some girls will flake, some dates will lead nowhere. The important point is that I’m constantly (and consciously) improving and my results are clear evidence.

The next goal? Twelve daygame lays in one year. I think it’s quite possible in 2015. Stay tuned as this is very important milestone I’ve set up for myself.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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