Another Field Report – Calmness Could Also Be The Key

This is a great month so far and I’ve got another story to tell with a different topic. This time we’ll learn something about “yes” girls and keeping frame when encountering dire obstacles. Onto the story…

Approach was from an IOI (Indicator Of Interest) – a very strong eye gaze from passing blonde. I ran after her, stopped her and engaged in a very cool chitchat about her dancing (she’s a professional dancer, former ballet dancer and a dancing teacher), living between two cities and commuting by trains. As I later learned she was 32 but dancing her whole life meant she had amazing body. She was very open, liked to travel but haven’t been doing it much lately and she couldn’t decide where she wants to live. All in all she was very interested in meeting me again. The vibe was relaxed but subcommunication was sexual. I took her number and we walked away.

Next comes the texting. In reply to me jokingly hoping that she had missed her train she texted “I was hoping that you show up on the platform at 20:10 and ask me not to board the train. :)”. Very good sign so within three more texts I’ve set up the date next time she’s in Warsaw. We’ve agreed to meet in my default meeting place but then she said that’s she only free after 9 pm. I texted something in the line of “I hope you don’t go to sleep at 10” to which she replied “I’m more of a night person…” so I switched the location to near my apartment. I started to think that she’s up to sex on the first date.

The day of the date comes. I’ve send her a little ping to probe the situation and suddenly she is asking me to confirm the meeting! Another good sign as girls usually don’t explicitly confirm dates. That was almost too good to be true… and it certainly was that way. First she texted me that she will be late, then she texted that she just stepped out of the metro. I’ve waited few minutes to let her walk to the right place and called only to find out that she’s at the first spot that we’ve agreed to meet (city center vs. near my apartment). Shit. I told her to take the metro and come to the right one. She agreed to do so only to text me that she’s tired and nothing is working out for her today and she’s afraid that it would be the same with date. “Maybe next time?” she adds. Fuck.

Four days of radio silence and a graphic ping worked wonders as she replied very fast. Two more messages to start a conversation and we agreed to meet exactly one  week after her mistake. Day before that I’ve pinged with an image, she replied in kind and on the agreed day we worked out logistics. Once again there were some problems – she wanted to push the date forward two days. I’ve forced the original day mocking her that I already know she’ll be late. “It’s not about that…” she replied and added that her last train back is at 10 and then there are buses that she had to book beforehand “(…) and you never know how this evening works out”. That seemed like an invitation to push more so I wrote “You never know how anything is going to work out. 😉 But we always can sip our wine all night long and at dawn get you to your train/bus.”.

“:) you’re crazy….maybe you’re right….only there is one problem…I don’t have my heels!!!” – you can see that this was very on, my hopes went high. One joke about staging Cinderella live and she was more than happy to meet me.

Of course she was late. Of course we had to search for each other for a while but it was still on. We’ve went to a wine bar near my place ordered something to eat and two glasses of wine and engaged in a very rapportish talk. She did most of the talking I did most of the eyefucking. The topics weren’t sexual but I’ve managed to put few DHVs and sure amount of spikes. Nothing hardcore as I was aiming for lay that very night. When we’ve finished our glasses the topic of a sparkling wine came back so using that I bounced. Short walk, we’re at my door, some token resistance (“are we going to your place?”… like we could find anything open at that hour) and We’re home. Well – I am.

Quick show off behind the drumset and we moved to my bedroom as she wanted to see the whole place. We stayed there “cause I have all my music in here, let’s see if you can find something you like”. Again our talk was rather rapportish but there was kino (a lot of it initiated by her – great sign!) and some spikes talking about body parts, past relationships, stuff like that. My apartment is also nicely configured as to DHV me (hobbies and things I do) to the point of her accusing me of being “too manly”. Like it’s a thing.

First obstacle was getting her on the bed. She was sitting in my chair quite far away from me. The first time she I told her to sit close she didn’t even move. The second she just slid her chair close to the bed. Too far for me to do any sort of escalation so I moved towards her and sat on the edge of my bed. We continued to talk but after one long session of gazing into each other eyes she said “You know that you’re not going to sleep with me? Not today.”. All I said to that was “ok” and continued the conversation.

Then we talked a bit more, finished the bottle then started to kiss. After that it was pretty straightforward. Talk, move her to the bed, kiss again, push her down and then heavy making out. When she was aroused and grabbing my dick through my pants we started to undress. Last obstacle was that she “still might be on her period”. That’s why two days later would be better for her! Fortunately it was really near the end as she herself suggested that she just needs a shower.

After she came back dressed in towel she was still horny and with no other obstacles sweet love was made that night. And in the morning too.

What I learned? That I really could spot a “down to fuck” girl. That “day 2” (first meeting) lay really don’t need much escalation before bed. Tension is the key. Once again I had a proof that “We’re not having sex tonight” means nothing. I learned that even a fucked up meeting where someone mistook the place can work out in your favor. That being unreactive is the way to behave when it comes to her doing something stupid (came to wrong place, being late, verbally denying sex). Remember to set boundaries on bullshit though – you don’t have to cope with everything she does. This time however my social calibration told me that she really wanted to meet, she fancied me but things just didn’t work out for her on that particular day. Later she said that she really admired my persistence and especially my calmness (even up to being uncanny) while on the date and in my place. And that’s not the first time I heard that.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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