A Field Report – Persistence And Honesty Can Be The Key

As you know from the previous post right now I really do have abundance. Sleeping with few different girls eases you out and makes you less prone to shit tests, mood swings and all that crap. This is where our heroine comes to picture. Let’s call her Cathy, 24 years old.

Before we jump right into the story I’d like to brag a little. This week I’ve slept with four different girls. Three that I’ve already fucked and this little bird, a new one. All that from daygame in case you’re wondering if any of this works.

I’ve never really cared about the field reports. Usually there are boring and all too good looking to be true. As such there is very little to learn from them. I think this is different and you can spot few mistakes and few good moves even from this vague description.

Let’s start with the basics – the stop. I think it was my last stop of the day, I’ve already number closed one girl before. With Cathy I had really good and relaxed conversation about absolutely nothing. It was maybe even too cocky for my old self but right now I’m really digging accusing girls of various things, making fun of them. All that meant very good vibing with basic rapport but we’ve established that we have to meet after holidays cause I was out on my trip for a week.

She really did play along with one of the accusation and it was a good basis to initial text. She replied with a wall of text – always a good sign. Then we’ve exchanged few more texts and off I went. During my trip we wrote only few messages. Last day she again wall-of-texted me and I’ve managed to set up a date based on level of investment of that single text.

She was sooooo late for the date. She had her silly little excuses but I still told her that she owns me a drink. She playfully accepted the frame. In venue one I discovered the reason behind the long texts – she talks so much! She was haphazard, disorganized and kind of a mess when it comes to getting her shit together. Both in her life and in conversation.

I always struggle with girls like that cause every sexual frame is quickly forgotten as she changes topic several times in one sentence. This was no different, no matter how I stared at her legs or mentioned them she accepted the compliment went back to her babbling. Nevermind, we finished our drinks and went to second venue, spiking a little as we walked. This time some future projections were made and she played along. Good sign.

Second venue was pretty standard, a little bit of questions game where I tried to sexualize the conversation. Kiss close was standard too – a build up question (note to self: I have to do post about this) and a short kiss with no resistance.  With my lips still near her mouth she asked “Isn’t this too fast?” to which I replied “No.” and went all French on her. She accepted.

I was pretty tired at that point and still had to do my evening run (unless I could bounceback her) so I suggested that we catch a cab and go drink a good beer at my place.  She wasn’t into it but suggested going for a walk. I said that I can walk her to the bus and we left the place.

Now the strangest thing happened. As we were walking she turned into a side-street  and said “Let’s go for a walk there”. Stunned as I was I just stopped and said “No”. She started to walk away from me into the side-street stopping only once to look back. As she was already far away I couldn’t run to her

(at least in my mind) as it would break the frame so I ordered a cab and went home knowing that I fucked that up.

As some say “loose a battle to win the war” – I should’ve went with her for this walk right away. Instead I made a scene out of it and after that the only way was to stay my ground. Of course I gave her the radio silence for a few days – no texting or contact whatsoever. After  four days I’ve pinged her with a usual picture and she replied in kind. It was still on. As I later learned she thought it was over and was surprised when I texted (of course she wasn’t going to text first!).

Then we texted more than necessary but I couldn’t ask her out of the blue. When I saw the opportunity we’ve set up another date. After that we did some sexual texting about red banana. She was the first one to compare it to a penis so I thought that next time I should go for a bounceback. Unfortunately the place we were going to was nowhere in the walking distance from my place (a short cab ride though). Along the texts came her accusation of me approaching girls left and right. Good sign for r-selection.

Disclaimer: usually after a kiss close I set up the second date at my place. This was different because of bizarre ending of first date so treated her as if we’ve never kissed. Hence the venue number three instead of my place.

“Day 3” or the second date happened 10 days after first one. She was late again, again being apologetic about it. Vibe was definitely more “on” this time. She didn’t talk that much and was accepting all my sexual spikes and kino. When we finished our beers and I was thinking about bouncing back she asked “Are we going to stay here?”. Great! I immediately suggested that we should grab another beer and take it out to my place as it is not far away by a cab. Leap of faith.

She given me some token resistance (“That’s the third time we see each other how can I know you’re not a psycho?”, “How will I get back home?”). After disarming that I ordered a cab, we chatted for a while in the bar, then we took our beers and went to the cab.

She knew where we were going but I still thought it would be good way to talk all the ride. That was easy as she again was doing much of the talking. Nice.

Now we’re at my place, and first on the list is living room – drinking beer, showing her this and that, making her relaxed. I don’t remember the exact reason we switched to my bedroom. It must have been the usual – pictures or music. In the bedroom escalation was pretty standard. YouTube, music, me sitting on the bed (as there is only one chair in the room), me inviting her to sit next to me, kissing, making out, a little bit of on and off.

Next came token resistance that looked like real one. I convinced her that she can stay here as it’s already late and “it doesn’t mean that we’re going to have sex” (always have a spare toothbrush and a towel, guys!). She of course said that she can stay but nothing is going to happen today. Yeah, right.

Now comes the weirdest part of the story. Escalation when we went “sleeping” was to the extremes. Her hand on my cock, my hand rubbing her, then fingering her, lots of kissing and fooling around. Still, she was guarded and she was stopping me quite fast. The worst part was that I was getting sleepy (we’ve met around 8 pm it was already 1 am!) and she was threatening me that I’m not going to sleep tonight cause she is getting sleepy when the sun goes up. Talk about crazy!

It was pissing me off hard. She wanted to make out, she was not going to have sex with me, she didn’t want to sleep, she was annoying as fuck. I said to her that either she should take a cab or go to sleep. She of course insisted on ruining my night to which I replied something in the line of “if you want this to be our last meet by all means continue”. That toned her down only a little. So I said fuck this, I’m going to take a shower and go to sleep. Do whatever you want. As it turned out she wanted to drink some home-made liqueur we were discussing. Good for her but I still took my shower, then I brought her the drink.

Now I’m back, in my boxer shorts and nothing else. I’m trying to sleep but this time she is escalating hard. And hard I went as she played with my dick. She seems baffled that I’m not trying to rape her and starts to accuse me of being a womanizer. At this point I really want it to end one way or another. I admit that I had some girls. Then she asks the inevitable question “when was the last time you had a girl on this bed”. Fuck it, I’ll be honest – “this week”. Her eyes widen and she said “I thought you’re going to say ‘last month’…” She finally understands that she’s not a unicorn and I really have girls that just want to fuck me (and not fuck with me for half the night).

But of course she wants to know more. I answer her every question – yes, that last girl is a girl I’ve met on the street. I had many girls like that. Yes, I’m seeing other girls right now. Yes, they know that they aren’t the only one. Yes, I don’t have any problem with that.

I was just tired and really didn’t care but it seemed to work in my favor. She understood her situation and knew that I wasn’t going to push that hard as I’m not in dire need of sex. She started to ask for more and more drinks. Finally I asked her “do you want to get drunk?” “Yes” she replied. “Do you need to get drunk to have sex with me?” Once again a “Yes”. I brought her the bottle and she took few good sips. After that her only concern was that I should be careful as she’s in the first week of her cycle. She finally had a good excuse – she was drunk. A little bit of foreplay and any sights of resistance went out the window.

Sex while exhausted is never great and again this was the case. Waking up in the middle of  the night for the seconds and in the morning for thirds was no different. In the morning she had a hangover, she was a little too bitchy and didn’t want to leave. She said she couldn’t pick herself up. Not a princess, more of a annoying little girl. I had shit to do and another girl to meet in the evening so I had to take a power nap, run my errands and clean the apartment but it wasn’t easy to kick her out.  I wasn’t a dick though, after a breakfast, tea and a shower – she left.

She’s a nice girl but a little bit too weird. New notch but not that rewarding. Won the war but the collateral damage was significant. Still I learned a lot this time: I’ve properly read the signs for the bounceback, I established boundaries on her bullshit (a tad too late but still), once again I was r-selected, once again she knew I was a player from the very beginning. I asked her what made her change her mind and she said that my calmness in the bed from having regular sex and being gentle and considerate while caressing her. And of course my persistence.

None of the advanced players would cope with 5 hours of “fight” in the bedroom. They would’ve kicked her out much quicker. The same way no one would split the way we did at the end of our first date (actually this one could work in my favor in this case). It wasn’t elegant or easy but those lays that happen faster than what’s normal for the girl tend to be that way.

For a long time now I know persistence is the key and it’s a good thing that I’m persistent by nature. Being able to cope with a girl like that comes only with experience. And of course the abundance helped too. The same way me being tired worked out really well in establishing boundaries and being brutally honest. That’s  the calibration working – I’ve been in those situations before and I fell. This time I used that knowledge to succeed. I hope you can learn something from this story too.

Until next time.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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