Don’t Be Afraid To Be Successful

Pure mental masturbation this time. It’s about fear but not about dreaded Approach Anxiety. It’s much worse thing – fear of success.

It really isn’t a beginner’s issue. At first you have so much more things to be worried about. But after a while and some successes it can show up. Not everyone experiences this but many do. At first it disguises itself as AA – “she’s not pretty enough”, “my wing wouldn’t approach her, there is something wrong with her”. Really? As a rule – if you’re looking after her, she’s good enough! You will be fucking her! Noone will ever bash you for approaching any girl. If there is something in her for you – go for it!

Then you make a note next to her number. It says “6”. So when she wants to meet you’re reluctant. “6? I can do better!” Once again – she was ok when you approached her. Remember that you liked her enough to save her number, make a note. Don’t worry that you might score a 6. Look forward to do… well, her. Once you know her you might give her a 7. Or maybe you misjudged her on the street. Sure it happened to me many times. Still, you can always get drunk with her and then you’ll probably do her anyway. You should welcome every success and every opportunity to be successful!

The same goes for going for the kiss, taking her home, fucking her. Either it’s cosy “I’m doing so well I don’t want to push it too hard” or scary “I’m doing too well, she will be on my bed soon”. Far too long I’ve been a number machine happy with my nonexistent “progress”. I was scared that I actually can be good at all this. Don’t ask me why – I don’t know.

Lately I had a weak Tinder date set up. Wasn’t really looking forward to it but still it was a minor success. Then a “sure thing” offered to come to my place on the same evening. We fooled around on my bed last time, she left with “not today, next time” attitude. Any yet I spent few hours considering whether I should meet with Tinder girl or this “sure thing”. I was afraid that I might succeed. And she was no “6”, not at all. Beautiful and very sexual women she was. Yet, my fear of success was there. (Luckily I’ve decided to go “one up” on my daygame lays and ditched the Tinder girl.)

Once I wrote the title of this post I started to see it everywhere. I was afraid to bounce back, be more sexual, shorten the date, cut off bullshit. The only remedy? Let it all go! Start doing what you want every day, each step counts. When you think of doing something and then say to yourself “nah, maybe some other time” give yourself a mental slap and do it. It builds up in you, little by little.

I can think about whole series of posts dedicated just to one phrase. It’s “do what you want”. I have a feeling that it’s the key. Not only in daygame but also in life. Oh and remember to have fun in the process.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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