Three Legitimate Reasons Not To Daygame

Until recently I’ve found only two legitimate reasons to not approach that are not Approach Anxiety (AA). Yesterday I found third. Every other reason there is exists only in your head and you have to deal with it quickly and decisively.

But first things first. The reasons are:

  1. Having to have a piss (or a dump). If the only thing you can think about is your bladder then there’s really no point in approaching girls. Go take a piss and come back.
  2. Being hungry. As above, only this time just eat something. Try to make it small and healthy. And don’t worry about any extra calories, you should be working out anyway.
  3. That’s the new one: it’s fucking freezing. While weather shouldn’t be an excuse (rain or snow isn’t a problem) being cold is really devastating. Wear warm clothes – e.g. sports/trekking/thermal clothes if you have those. Be smarter and tougher.

And that’s it! Every other “reason” is just an excuse in disguise. Even if you’re tired there are girls that make your heart beat a little faster and you should approach them. But what if you have troubles with fighting those excuses?

I’ve done few tricks that helped me go past my AA. It still sometimes comes back and I do not approach every girl that I find attractive but I manage to approach few girls every day. And I can approach literally anyone when I’m with a wing.

If you’re mentally strong there are two sentences that can help you. One is “if you can’t – you must” (by Andy Yosha/Moore from Whenever you let this one girl go thinking “I can’t do this” immediately say to yourself “so if I can’t – I must” and go for it. The other one is “let’s find out!”. If you think that “she looks like she’s having a bad day” (lame excuse) follow that by “let’s find out!” and go for it. You don’t have to go with an intention of gaming her, just find out if your assumption really is true. And this makes the begining of conversation so much easier – you tell her that she’s looking great/nice/cool/whatever but on the other hand she seems pissed. Usually she won’t be and you can take it from there.

Recording myself also was a big boost. When I pressed the record button I was 99% sure that I would make that approach (save 1% for unexpected events like her meeting her boyfriend or jumping into a bus). As I recorded every set after a while it was automatic. Mind that few months into this it became a burden as I was not reacting right away (had to take out my phone and press the record button). So I ditched this in favor of immediate reaction. But should my AA grow back I’ll start doing this again. Not only to fight AA but also to check my progress (for this of course you have to listen to these recordings).

Another trick that my friend did was writing down each excuse with an intention that he can use each excuse only once. Of course we are extremely creative beings but after a while you’ll see how dumb those excuses are and probably you can get over them.

The single best thing ever that helped me was a resolve/resolution/whatever to approach first girl I find attractive every day. Just that. Don’t commit to making X approaches each day, just one. But it have to be the very first girl of that day. And we all know that after first approach – however it turns out – the next one is so much easier. I hardly ever get a nonreassuring reaction so afterwards everything just flows. Up until first close but that’s a different story.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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