Never Delete A Number

Just a quick tip because I know that many guys are discarding their numbers after flake/lack of responsiveness. But why rob yourself of chance to meet with the girl later? She could be having a hard time now, she can break up with her boyfriend or just get horny. By keeping the number you lose nothing and can gain everything.

Even at my level I have some good stories to share, to name a few:

  • Just recently a girl wrote to me around midnight something in line of “It’s funny that you have my number for almost a year and we’ve only met once.” I’ve got her number in December 2013, met in January 2014 and had few text conversations scattered across 2014. We’ve met again and it’s currently “on”.
  • Girl that only gave me her e-mail (yeah, I know, but she had “it’s complicated” kind of situation with her boyfriend) found me on Facebook three months later. We’ve met and been sleeping for a while.
  • There was another girl with whom I’ve went on a single date in January 2014. Then text conversation died, she was busy working – pretty much standard stuff. Few months later we’ve met again and in July I slept with her (regrettably only once).
  • A girl from my worst streak in October 2013 (one of four number closes for a whole month) became responsive and we’ve managed to meet after few months.
  • Recently a girl that flaked on me twice month ago (after quite nice day 2) asked for a meet up after single ping (and short text conversation).

So – never delete contact information – be it number, e-mail or Facebook (and I think it’s good to have many good looking female Facebook friends). Sometimes girl will contact you on her own and sometimes you can ping her and bring conversations back to life. Either way it’s better to know anything about the girl you’re writing to.

How to ping? When it’s still “on” (she is replying, even if not for every message) ping with recent/funny/interesting events or canned pings (if you can’t think of anything better). For long lost numbers I suggest big events – send her a greeting from abroad, invite her to a moving/birthday party, send a picture from famous place or event (whatever from a backstage on a concert to finish line of marathon). It should be text/pic that you could as well send to many of your friends.

When a girl respond you can either invite right away (if the response suggested that she’s interested) or reintroduce yourself into her life and ask during the next text conversation. You can also call her but it’s a hit or miss and needs tons of calibration. Always remember that texts only goal is to take her out. Beware of girls that just want you as a “text friend”. Reframe, keep asking her out and she’ll give in or get lost.

I also recommend spam texting all your unresponsive girls with the same text. That way you can compare reactions and have better understanding of each type of message return ratio.

But whatever you do – never ever delete contact information.

Thomas D

Ps. I cannot stress enough that my third daygame lay resulted from e-mail as contact information.


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Lucas Maugeri - 2016-10-26

I see your point… I think it's partly an ego thing when you delete a number because you did not get the reactions you were expecting. To be honest, what I’ve been doing is give the girl three chances to come out and if by the third she still did not agree to meet ONLY THEN delete the number (unless she suggests an alternative time for meeting or makes an effort to get across the message that she is willing to meet even though she can’t right now; i.e.: she shows willingness to participate in the mating ritual). The same applies if she does not respond to my feeler and a ping a few days later. So I guess it’s a mechanism for filtering potential time wasters, but not only that… Also it is a means of creating forced scarcity – even if we all know that abundance of numbers is not equal to abundance of girls – and remind myself to get out there and start hustling once again. Much like when you cut loose a girl that does not inspire you much any longer, so you can’t resort to ´easy sex´ as a buffer to not taking action. I find scarcity can be a good motivator.
By the way, I’m assuming that you do delete numbers if you see the Whatsapp profile pic and status are gone (she has deleted or blocked you in the first place).


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