You Can’t Stay On A Streak Forever

First month of cold weather (around 5°C and below) is the worst. At least it seems like that after my mere year and a half doing daygame.

Last year I hit my absolute low. Of course I was just starting up and learning but still… In October 2013 I’ve managed to do 78 approaches which got me mere 4 numbers. Out of which all flaked (I’ve managed to see one girl after few months – never delete a girl’s number!). I was also on two so-so day 2s with girls from previous month.

Thankfully, this November bad streak looks somewhat different. 85 approaches, 16 numbers (if you ask me – it’s bad!). I went on a 4 daygame dates (so few!) and 1 using Tinder. Oh, I got one new lay. But compare this to October 2014 stats and you’ll see how different it is. 5,3 approaches per number compared to 3,4 few weeks back! Have I lost my skill? Am I doing something different? Not doing enough?

I really, really would like to have an answer for that. Unfortunately I can only guess. Main reason is that I haven’t had major success in a while (only major failures due to LMR and textbook dates after which girls never cared to reply). Then the “not doing enough” part piled on. When you’ve done few hundred approaches you can become sloppy and you start to think that results will come no matter what. No, they won’t. You still have to work hard to get them. Only difference is that you know/feel how to do it.

After a long while doing conscious daygame (that is – reflecting on your actions, successes and failures) you realize that almost everything is “inner game”. If today’s your day – there are no techniques, tips or routines that won’t work simply because you’re the man and everything “flows”. You can do unbelievable things in that kind of state. On the opposite side of the spectrum there are days when you’re low. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it! Resort to “fake it till you make it” like in the good old days. Think positive and get your approaches done strictly by the book. Because on those days the technique matters as hell and you’ve probably mastered it already.

The more you’re doing daygame the more you should “be yourself”, “be in the moment” and stop relying on canned texts (even if there are your own!) or schemes. When it’s though – remember that you’re back only one step and not to the square one. Look behind at the road you’ve already traveled and you’ll see that you can pull this.

So: whatever you do, be a man, suck it up and just do it properly. Good days will come and they will be followed by bad ones. Cycles are natural. But… so is overtraining! It sometimes pays to ease up. It’s easy for me to write it since I always think that I’m in low point of a cycle and never that I’m overdoing this… Be smarter than me!

Do a sanity check for overtraining: when was the last time I wasn’t out picking up girls? have I skipped an event or meeting or haven’t done something that I should because of daygame?  if I had next three days free from work what would I do? can I do those things if I stop chasing girls for a while?

I’m obsessive about my daygame practice. I “take off” only one day a week when I do absolutely no game. But on the bad streak you can (and should) go visit some friends or family, travel to another city, go to a cinema or do whatever activity you haven’t done lately because of daygame. That way you won’t feel guilty about not approaching and spend some quality time. It’s a win-win.

That will also get you some energy. Remember that change (any change but aim for things you’ve always wanted) can be your fuel for a while. So start learning something, buy new clothes, visit new place, do something new or forgotten. If you don’t have any idea for an activity – ask your friends! If you don’t have those – stop daygaming and start being more social!

You can also try online dating in the name of Tinder or whatever. I’m no expert on that, the only hint I can give: do not overdo it, just try to set up a date and remember that online dating is cruel. But still – success spawns success so a nice date will get you confident and more optimistic.

There is of course third way to get a breakthrough success – keep going. It’s hard when you’re on your low point. But if you can – go for it!

All in all – either ease up and take a step back, take a break or grind your teeth and keep going. There are no other options.

And me? I just can’t ease it enough, so tomorrow after work I’ll go out to meet some girls and then to my first day 2 in December 2014. May that month be better than fucking November.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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