Girl Half Naked Is A Girl Fully Lost

Just a quick “note to self”.

I’ve managed to do this again! I think I’m at double digits now when I count how many times this year I had a half naked girl on my bed and we didn’t fuck. Of course once this happens and she had left her logical mind will kick in and it will all be over.

There are exceptions to that rule. If the girl happened to be on her period (and she’s really into you) or she’s very self-conscious in a “I will fuck you when I want to” way (and she’s really into you) or you are really r-selected (and she’s really into you) or you’re just lucky… Yeah, sometimes she might come back. It happened even to me (and I’m not a pro) but most of the time it will be the end. You should always assume this is the case.

I’m thinking now about two thing that you could do in a situation like this (and the first one is tried and tested):

  • back off, go to comfort and push more than pull, wait until it’s really late (or hopefully it’s already late) and suggest that she stays until morning; do it in a casual way, you can say that you don’t have to fuck but it’s unreasonable for her to go back to hers at that hour; be a man, give her a spare towel, toothbrush, t-shirt to sleep in and… there is a chance that she will change her mind about sex during the night or in the morning (not always, though!),
  • when things went already too far for her to believe “we don’t have to fuck this night” argument (e.g. she’s fully naked or she already grabbed your dick) the only thing that I can imagine that should help is to go all in; push once again, do some comfort and during the next pull – throw everything in; heat her up even more and then undress yourself for fucks sake (I really don’t know why I haven’t done that the last time); remember – if you are in that kind of situation and you’re still not fucking then something is wrong and it’s the only chance you will have to fix this; there is not such a thing as “going too far” at that point, so recall all the lessons about taking your dick out and do this.
Unfortunately, situations like this will continue to happen. My street skills are good, I have confidence during the dates but I’m still not closing as much as I would want. As always – the thing I need the most is more practice.



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