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What Happened To Daygame?

Daygame is alive and well. On the other hand, tddaygame (me) is "beyond game" as goes the most common euphemism. But don't worry, I still write quite a lot and I help guys overcome their fears of talking to girls on the streets. I also help them get those girls. You can still follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my free mailing list.

Where Are All The 200 Daygame Posts?

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I'm still very much keen on providing you with all the daygame help that I can. I simply changed the way I do it. There's Twitter for my daily insights and mailing lists for my long-form content.

By popular demand, the most interesting and in-depth articles end up on The Daygame Knowledge Base. Check them out and if you like what you see - subscribe as there are more of these on the list.

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What Is Daygame?

Daygame is - to put it simply - "the art of meeting and attracting women during the day". You know, pick up stuff. Getting hot girls far away from clubs, loud environments, alcohol, just by yourself. Some call it just "daygame" the others refer to the specific flavor called LDM or London Daygame Model.

Picking up girls during the day surely can be done. You don't have to be a superstar, famous or good looking. You only have to be intelligent and relentless - only two prerequisites for successful daygame carrier.

Why do it? Why not! How many times a hot girl passed you and you wished "if I could just go talk to her". Well - you can. And you should. Your father did that. So did your grandpa. And they didn't even call it any fancy name.

What About London Daygame Model?

If you want to learn something, you need a working theory. I'm not reinventing the wheel all over again. Others already done their part. It all started with crew. Then Tom Torero and Nick Krauser (among others) perfected the model used by London daygamers.

Like most things it's very easy to explain and very hard to execute. In general there are five phases:
- Open/Stop - where you stop the girl and start the chat.
- Stacking - flirting, topic generation, driving the conversation.
- Vibing - lighthearted chat about common topic.
- Investment - connecting, getting to know each other; she's the one talking more now.
- Close - where you get her contact details.

Each step is a different story and while no one is a robot and does exactly the same thing in exactly the same manner, there are things that just work. You can learn about those stops on the mailing list.

You also have to remember that there are no fixed transition points from one step to the next. Everything is fluid and during your daygame adventures you'll find yourself in a variety of situations. Some of them funny, some weird but sure as hell they all make a good story. Picking up girls should be fun.

You Can Learn Daygame Easily

Of course it’s possible to learn how to pick up girls during the day all by yourself. Plenty of people did exactly that just by practicing. You only need massive amount of time, ruthless determination, strong will and ability to analyze yourself. Read, learn and use all that info in practice and you’ll be all fine!

In the past you could take a shortcut and get successful fast by employing a legitimate coach. In most cases there are two-three things that when changed yield massive improvement. But to do that you need an experienced person being able to analyze your interactions and show how to use your strengths and avoid common traps. That person should work on your specific case and not just apply general knowledge. Those persons were always far and few. Now, I can't really help you that way.

But you can still learn a lot from my content and then go out and practice. If you need practical tips - I can help with that.