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Have you ever heard thought about going over to that hot girl and talking to her? Here you can find not only that but also how to take her number, get her out on a date and to your bed. It's called daygame and I'm a daygame coach. You'll find a lot of tips, tricks and thoughts. You can also get some coaching and subscribe for more free stuff.

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Do You Speak Polish?

​Hey! Me too! I currently live in Warsaw, Poland and I'm a Pole. And that also mean I'm picking up mainly Polish chicks. So if you want to contact me in Polish or set up a daygame coaching or infield session just click on the blond girl on the right to go right into my Polish blog.

I live in Warsaw but I also travel a lot. There's no problem in arranging a coaching session virtually anywhere as long as the city is big enough to find beautiful girls and do a reasonable number of approaches during the day. Just contact me and we'll set something up.

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